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Ferryman and magpie

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In the setup, game #140589707 on frankfurt, Magpie is the special pile for Ferryman, playing a magpie and revealing a non-treasure gains a Magpie. The rules (at least the Wiki) says the Ferryman special pile can't be gained in any way other than gaining a Ferryman.


Unfortunately, the sentence in the rulebook (which the Wiki uses) was abit to strict. It was thought to be important to stress that while it may be a pile you have bought from in the previous game, Workshoped from in the previous game etc., none of this would work for this game, when it is the special Ferryman pile. Ferryman ist the first card to introduce such a concept to the game.

OTOH, the rules allow a card to be gained from a non-Supply pile if specified by name. That makes most Horse gaining cards work, without the need (as it was a few years back) to always say "from its pile". That's what allows Magpie, Port and Rats to gain more copies of themselves, even when they are the special Ferryman pile.


Thanks, that explanation makes sense! I will try to rewrite the Wiki.