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Feature Requests / Re: Does not work on iPad?
27 February 2022, 01:39:14 PM
See this thread

You can chnage the animation speed - the default is very very slow
In the end of game report we see two lists

One - the victory points which are listed in descending order of number of points - which is good.

The other the list of cards - what ordering is given here, it appears random - I could understand in order of value or number of cards or alphabetical but it seems to be none of these.
Other Bugs / Undo - allowed to see next card.
24 February 2022, 08:02:05 PM
I had a game (sorry not got the number) where my opponent played Druid and got the card +1 card.

They then realised they should have played another card first and so they undid the druid and it put the extra drawn card back. Now the opponent played their card and then the druid and got the +1 card again so in that case no benefit.

But if the card the card from the druid drew could have provided knowledge for the user to change what they did.

In other words the undo after a druid needs to check what the card is and perhaps require their opponent to approve the undo.

I want to congratulate the developers on making things better.

I would first note re lag - I suspect the card updater speed - pehaps the default should be none - or perhaps depend on how many games you have done - newbies get default slow anmd old hands get the fast one.

I mainly play on desktop as old and new was difficult for me on a large iPad.

The end screen has improved so that it is much nbetter than the original chnage - however the order by number of cards you have seems odd.

The trash, exile etc parts are much better than the old one having to chnage from the log and remeber to click back, the first new version was not 100% but they have fixed the bug of the window not disappearing.

When you have to see all your cards - to choose trashing etc is now OK, on the old version if you had many cards you could not see how many times you clicked on a type of card. The new version shows that although sometimes the card to click on does go to the back

General Discussion / Re: This community is broken
27 July 2018, 02:52:48 PM
Much interesting stuff here but somethings are too much.
Quote from: Martin plays Piano on 26 July 2018, 04:30:35 PM

b)   "Newbies" are players with less than 50/100 games with humans, regardless they are paying or non-paying members
- "Newbies" must prove themselves - they have to earn personal reputation points first before they are "Full Members" of the community
- "Newbies" should always get a mandatory voting from "Full Members" after the game (thumb up / thumb down)
This I disagree with on some sites I have been voted down just for winning and as I had played the game in real life I was better than many non newbies so found it difficult to play with people.
Use of blacklist flags that can be checked ie quitting, Language can be used as negatives as they are observable to a third party.

- "Newbies" can't enter the leaderboard
No they need to  know how good they are.

c)   Of course, also "Full members" can be abusive or they can mutate to a troll
- "Full members" can propose a defined time window per turn (fast, medium, slow, endless) before the game starts – those who agreed on "fast" can be kicked after 1 minute
Sometimes the state can be odd so the odd turn could be longer so kicking without response for a minute is problametical.
Another site has something like a chess clock so that some moves can be slower.

- Blacklist features should be clustered into "Intended Slowplay" / "Quitting" / "Language" / "Foul play"

add other as well so you can blacklist just if you don't like the player but there is nothing objectional to others.


d)   Further annoyances
- Using the same IP address in the same game is not allowed (or it can only be used for unrated games)

This stops housemates, family members or people in the same company or campus playing. Given Dominion is so much less fiddly online than with cards and also checks your move is valid for newbies I don't think this is a good idea.

General Discussion / Re: This community is broken
27 July 2018, 02:39:39 PM
The numbers of people just leaving is increasing.

But then looking at the page the resign button is hidden behind the log - ie the four entries Kingdom/Log/?/Resign does not fit on a line and so Resign wraps to the next line but the Log does not move down.

Perhaps putting resign more prominently might help.
General Discussion / Re: This community is broken
26 July 2018, 11:36:23 AM
I totally agree the going slow is a pain well over 10% of games have this. (writing this whilst waiting for player to time out)

At least let me block someone during a game.
It might alkso help if I could note why I blocked someone - make that private

Usefule information for the developers re prorities would be - How many games are ended by forcing someone to resign?

I would not necessarily press end actions and press end buys even if I had won and finished the game.

I find it is simpler for me to finish the turn as if it was a normal turn. I don't do massive long turns in that case, also if well in the lead I am more likely to stop - I think it is fear of miscounting and not really finishing.

Feature Requests / Re: Disable Undo for the game
02 February 2018, 11:32:34 PM
Quote from: bananny on 15 December 2017, 05:01:09 AM
Quote from: irata on 20 September 2017, 01:38:25 AM
Yes!  I would like an option to disable undo.  (or remove it completely.)  I'm tired of people giving me
attitude because I will not grant an undo.  I'm not even sure why the undo was added in the first place. 
No other version of online Dominion has had it or needed it.

I like undo for the occasional misclick.  But the rare times I ever dare play against real people and not bots, I allow one undo per game.  More than that, or if I'm playing a slow player, I deny them and then get hassled about it.  Same goes if I misclick when playing a live person.  I might ask for one, beyond that, it's my problem and I deal with it by working with what I have in play and not being rude to my opponent.

I've  just started playing with the night cards.
So I get to a state where I have 9 treasures and a bat - I want to play all but one copper.  In face to face I would put the copper in one hand and put the rest down. I can't do that so I click on 8 of them and then the autoplay treasure button we have been trained to use gets clicked on. So what happens in this situation? It would NOT happen in face to face. (In this case my oppenent did not sdo anything just let the game hang and so I write this waiting for hime to time out so I can make him resign.

This undo is not helping

In my case the soluition would to be remove the autoplay treasures button or allow the night before buying.

I also today move my mouse to buy a province and it clicked on a supply card as I moved it. Again this would not happen in real life, but the opponent rejected undo -

I would note that I belong to several playing groups and they all allow you to do a quick retraction if the state of the game is not changed.
Interface Issues / Undo a sauna trash
27 June 2017, 07:14:24 PM
See turn 8 on game #4726901

I mess up sauna trashes and often hiut the card instead of don't trash etc.
So played one silver then hit silver which trashed it so did an undo
The silver came back and I trashed a copper
Then played the next silver and trashed another copper.

But the screen did not allow me to buy with two silvers and the log shows that that silver was trashed

m plays a Sauna.
m draws a Copper.
m plays a Sauna.
m draws a Sauna.
m plays a Sauna.
m draws a Silver.
m plays a Silver.
m trashes 2 Coppers and a Silver.

I get that as well.

I am on OSX and any browser seems to do this.

It seemed to have been caused by one of the releases in April
Also firfox on macOS and in Safari and Vivaldi
Other Bugs / Re: Game doesn't end
23 May 2017, 11:37:04 PM
No not due to the server that is how all games end for me now and has been for the last few weeks.
Feature Requests / Re: Blacklisting
06 April 2017, 12:26:12 PM
Now we are being ranked.

What happens if a person leaves the table without resigning?

If I leave then what effect does it have on both players ranking.

I assume that if  I  wait to make them resign I get a win
Support / Re: How do I disable the sound
06 April 2017, 12:20:59 PM
Not all browsers have mute sound. Using Vivaldi and Safari here.