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#50241320 turn 13.

It probably has something to do with throne room and playing an action card as way of the seal and one time as itself?

I recall thinking I could play a throneroom on leprechaun to gain 2 wishes, but unexpectedly the interface showed I only had 5 cards in play yet, so I played another card to bring the total to 6, to then play the leprechaun as 7th, only to get hexed. But in the "replay" (load old game) the interface shows the leprechaun as 8th card in play. This was not the case during the game however, and my opponent saw it as 7th card in play too. We were both confused. So this is more likely an interface issue not displaying all the cards in play correctly, rather than a bug with the workings of the cards.
I think it would be a good idea the shorten the resign-timer until the "start game" button has been clicked in the opening. Very often I have to wait multiple minutes for people to show up for the first turn. I understand needing longer than a minute to think about your turn 1 buy, or some end-game turn. But I feel a lot of people just hit the search button to start a game and walk away, coming back 4 minutes later, or even not coming back. Finding an opponent in matchmaking generally takes only a few seconds. So if the timer to make the opponent resign for not even clicking the "start game" button could be shortened to 30 seconds or so, this would safe a lot of wasted time.

Thoughts? :)
How to Play / Chat command to mute chat
15 June 2019, 07:34:30 PM
Hello, is there a command or some other method that I'm unaware off to mute an opponent's chat in-game? Like /mute username or something similar. Thanks
AI bugs / Re: Hamlet not giving "Both" option
13 April 2019, 08:48:33 PM
Well, your opponent can't tell from the game log whether your opponent asked for the undo after he clicked "discard for buy" or before (ie, you are asking undo on playing the hamlet, which drew you a card). So it's different from let's say playing a bridge. Of course you can explain in chat and then ask for undo. Anyway, the main point is it should let you discard for action afterwards, or not already give you the option to discard for buy right after playing it (or some other solution, like have the game log say you clicked discard for buy).
AI bugs / Re: Hamlet not giving "Both" option
12 April 2019, 05:55:29 PM
I'll just reply here instead of creating a new thread. I have one big issue with hamlet, and that is that it gives both discard options simultaneously, but after you click discard for buy, you no longer have the option to discard for an action. If you remove the "both" option from the interface, then make it ask for discard first, then for buy. It is very misleading right now and I've lost multiple games from wanting to discard both but starting with buy, and then being "too polite" to ask for an undo, just keep on clicking and later on having a terrible finish of the turn due to missing that one +action.
Thank you :)
And post the results... I still have no clue who the current champion is. There is no bracket like last year, just the google doc with the round 5 results and then silence.
Ok, I have some feedback in that case. All the high ranked players etc know eachother well from league play/dominionstrategy and end up being in the top8 and on discord, but the thousands of other players on the website, who might also be interested in some high level matches or rooting for a winner etc, are not all there. In 2017 I had fun keeping track of the tournament and watching matches on youtube. So for me it would have been more fun if the posting on the forums didn't stop. It isn't even clear who is the current champion. Last year there was a stream announced for the finals on the forums. From my point of view this time everything just went quiet with no explanation and apparently the tournament finished.
Am I missing something? It seems all the posting in this forum stopped in October, with round 5 being the last round. There are still 8 players remaining after that round.
Feature Requests / Re: Time controls similar to chess
15 September 2018, 08:05:57 PM
Yeah just as option. When searching for a game, just like you can set 2 player, 3 player, unrated, min and max level difference, etc, you can also choose which time controls you're willing to play, with "no time control" obviously being an option too :)
Feature Requests / Time controls similar to chess
15 September 2018, 02:52:04 AM
This is a game where you can gain an edge by deeply thinking every turn, counting cards in your deck, figuring out what is still in your draw pile etc. Being able to do these things fast is a skill, just like in chess where lower rated players can also figure out better moves if they are given more itme. But it is not fun to play if you want a quick game but your opponent is taking very long every turn. Sometimes you also just have 10 minutes of free time but there is no telling if your game will last 5 minutes or 40.

I think it would be a great idea to add some time controls to the game, similar to chess, each with their own rating/leaderboard. This gives players more control over how long a game will last if they have limited time, as well as make things more fair in general. Something like a total game time, with an increase to it every time its your turn, and an increase for every time you play a card (ie 1 minute starting time, +10 seconds per turn, +2 seconds per action card played for a quicker game, and 3 minutes, +15s/turn and +5 seconds per action for a slower game, and a much slower, or just untimed, just to give some ideas).
I am withdrawing from the tournament, there's a reasonable chance I won't have time to play every match for the entire duration of the tournament. So I rather withdraw before it starts than risk disturbing the competition by giving somebody a free win deeper in the tournament or something.
Maybe this is working as intended, as I'm not sure what the exact definition of gain is. But a lurker trashing a fortress from the supply adds it to your deck, so I think it's gained technically speaking?

Anyway, when you trash fortresses with lurker and then play a devils workshop, you get a gold.

17211274 turn 7
Other Bugs / Re: Possession in Black Market pile
29 May 2018, 10:43:46 PM
It's still in there

14973098 game over turn 9