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If the player to your right gained a card that is not (left) in the supply, you should be able to choose that card and fail to gain it (gaining nothing). See Donald's ruling here:
see this discussion:
TLDR: I'm pretty sure it's a bug
Do you have a game number?
Is it possible you just got a curse (due to Swamp Hag)?
Card Bugs / Re: Overlord & Colonnade
06 April 2017, 07:46:15 PM
The bug MrFrog reported has since been fixe, the current beahviour is correct.

(There is a situation where you ge Colonade points when buyig an Overlord: When you play it, there is no action card costing $5 or less in the supply, Overlord doesn't transform and stays as an Overlord.)
3/4 player matching is most likely coming soon.
General Discussion / Re: Pro leaderboard with bugs
04 April 2017, 02:29:34 PM
Quote from: serakfalcon on 04 April 2017, 01:57:23 PMcan either enforce a ban on the bugged cards for their own games (By removing it from their "familiar cards" and setting "max unfamiliar cards" to 0)
Familiar cards are never considered in ranked games, only in practice games and at tables where the option to respect them is turned on.
General Discussion / Re: Leaderboard
02 April 2017, 11:01:24 PM
Quote from: werothegreat on 02 April 2017, 09:03:16 PM
So I won't be able to see myself on the leaderboard until after a midnight update?

Quote from: limetime on 02 April 2017, 10:43:45 PM
Is there a reason it only updates once everyday?
yes, the Glicko-2 rating system is designed to work best when the players play multiple games between updates.
Card Bugs / Re: Messenger / Harbinger bug
19 March 2017, 08:49:53 PM
When playing Harbinger, you draw a card first, thus shuffling your discard into your draw pile.
General Discussion / Re: Journey Token
17 March 2017, 11:36:28 AM
Quote from: jeebus on 16 March 2017, 04:30:13 AM
Hooray, it's not fixed to how it is in the real game. Thanks!

I assume you mean now, not not, right?
That is already happening, Ingix.

However, when something happens automatically after you decide wether you call a Royal Carriage, the game engine needs to explicitly told what you decide before it continues.
After you play an action, you are in the stage where you can call a RC on that action. If you do, you're now in the situation that you can call a RC on the second play of that action. If you decide not to, you're back in the stage where you can call a RC on the first play of the action. It's not trivial for the game engine to detect that it doesn't make sense for those two decisions to be different
Card Bugs / Re: Farmland forcing the card to trash
05 March 2017, 12:59:25 PM
It seems that you played your coppers and the province was the only card inyour hand (and thus trashed).
If you want to trash a Copper, don't play it before (so don't use the autoplay treasures button, which plays ALL treasures)
I assume you bought a card without playing your money before?
You can't play money after buying a card, so if you want to spend more money, play it before buying something with the money produced by Moneylender
You can see cards in play and on tavern mats by mousing over clicking on a player's name (next to the Vp counter)
As a workaround, you can load those games by creating a table, setting the min number of players to 1, then loading the game via the options.
Support / Re: bug report tunnel / inn
25 February 2017, 12:07:24 AM
The buttons to activate tunnels appear below the log atm.