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I've suggested this before, but I really think the only way to make Dominion Online an actual polished/professional looking game is for them to hire a real UI designer. Even if it's just a consultant with a limited contract, it would make a huge difference in the overall presentation of the game.

Obviously, money sucks, and I have no idea how feasible this actually is.
Feature Requests / Re: Autoplay for Torturer
12 January 2018, 04:07:17 PM
That would definitely be nice.

I'm not sure if this should default to on or off though. There actually are quite a few situations where you still do want the discard: Menagerie, Diplomat, Tunnel, etc
My feedback is grouped into 3 main areas.

  • My biggest request is a client for playing vs bots that I don't have to subscribe to (I don't really care if it's specifically offline or online). I also don't care if this includes campaigns or not.

    As part of that, we definitely need a better/stronger AI. Different AI playstyles would be cool, but even a choice of easy/medium/hard would be a great first step.

    I'd love to be able to play this on my iPhone, but that's lower priority for me than the rest.

  • The next most important thing for me is just the overall polish and quality of the game's user interface. This includes your points 9-10. Namely, better graphical displays of all game state (and state changes) such that using the log is basically optional. A lot of your UI looks and works okay, but I think bringing in a consultant who has more experience designing game interfaces could provide a huge boost in usability and professionalism.

  • Finally, when I do play online vs other people, it's typically only people I know IRL. So anything to facilitate that would be greatly appreciated. This includes the ability to create a private table and invite specific players to it. The mini-tournament idea also sounds awesome for when we have several players wanting to play.

Thank you for the free months and the update on your progress. I really appreciate any time you communicate out your status, plans, difficulties, etc. (even if it is "hidden" on a forum).
General Discussion / Re: Sauna autoplay: How excatly?
23 December 2017, 04:33:44 PM
Yeah, I also support "keep it simple".

There are a ton of autoplay options that are theoretically possible, but at some point you move away from simply providing convenience, and you move into the game actually playing itself. "If I only have two actions in hand, and I play the Throne Room, automatically Throne the other action."  or  "If I only have two actions in hand, a village and a smithy, automatically play the village."

So Sauna's autoplay should offer you the option of "never trash" or "always ask", but it shouldn't ever get into decisions based on what you'd actually be trashing.
General Discussion / Re: Autoplay?
18 December 2017, 06:01:59 PM
Quote from: Toshimo on 27 November 2017, 09:31:42 PM
Is Gladiator slated for Autoplay implementation?

Now that I've had a taste of Autoplay, I find myself right-clicking on tons of different cards trying to turn it on. "Okay, I'm done trashing for this game, let's set my Sauna/Silver interaction to never trash."
Definitely messed up. The Royal Carriages appear to be multiplying or something.

I had 5 on my mat, and I was able to call something like 15 of them (on my Bridge!).

See the last turn for Game 9677808.
Quote from: EarlS on 17 November 2017, 05:23:41 AM
Quote from: blamelewis on 16 November 2017, 05:25:51 PM
Hi, I can't see when having more than one Champion might be useful (though as there always seem to be exceptions to everything in Dominion I'd love to hear if anyone knows of such a time...)

You're way ahead and you want to rub it in by playing a Diadem worth something in the triple digits.

This was the lame edge-case I was getting ready to post. Normally Champion is just "unlimited actions", but with Diadem, it actually matters exactly how many actions you have. And Champion's effects do stack here.
Feature Requests / Re: Two Undo Buttons
17 November 2017, 04:25:47 PM
Something like Bootstrap's "split buttons" would work well for the UI for this. This way it still basically takes up the same space as a single button, but if you need the advanced options, you click the dropdown arrow portion. The dropdown could even have options in addition to "undo using log". It could have a bunch of generic "undo 2, undo 3, undo 4, etc".
Card Bugs / Can buy Grand Market using Coppers
23 October 2017, 09:39:00 PM
In game #8015230 on turns 6 and 9, I bought a Grand Market with coppers in play (just vs a bot). This was with the Nocturne preview cards, but I don't think that should have affected anything.
Definitely agree. "Practice game" has always sounded weird to me.
General Discussion / Re: Dominion: Nocturne
06 October 2017, 09:50:00 PM
Quote from: Jacob Marley on 06 September 2017, 07:00:18 PM
Remember, 500 card expansion means 500 rectangular pieces of cardshock in the box, not 500 unique things to program.  there are 33 new kingdom cards, boons, hexes and other cards given by kingdom cards, so maybe 40 or so things to program (just my estimate).

No, you're confused. Rats was actually twice as hard to program as a typical 10-card pile.
General Discussion / Re: Better AI when?
07 April 2017, 06:46:13 PM
Thanks for the estimates Stef! Even if you end up needing to change the dates later, the transparency really helps.

  • Show everything that's happening so that you don't HAVE to use the log every turn (and remove all log buttons/interaction).
  • Decent/competent AI. It doesn't need to be anything special at this point, but if I play terribly, the AI should win.
  • Overall polish of the whole interface, but especially in-game. Honestly, you probably just need to hire a freelance designer for this. What you have works fine, but someone who specializes in interface design could make huge improvements.

Remove all log interaction.
Reduce necessity of log through better animations (and an option to turn these animations off).
Better "game state" interface. This includes durations, reserves, duration attacks against you, etc.
Better AI. Doesn't have to be great at this point, but MF level would be nice.
General "new player experience" improvements.
I really wouldn't play in the tub if I were you. You're just too likely to drop your laptop in the water.