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Card Bugs / Can buy Grand Market using Coppers
23 October 2017, 09:39:00 PM
In game #8015230 on turns 6 and 9, I bought a Grand Market with coppers in play (just vs a bot). This was with the Nocturne preview cards, but I don't think that should have affected anything.
I'm not sure if this is actually a solvable problem, but I wanted to post it anyway to get others' thoughts.

If you have a CotR on your mat, during the middle of a long KC-KC-KC chain of actions, the interface will prompt you if you want to call your Coin between every single play of an action. So like 30-50 times for a normal action chain. I've literally trashed a CotR that I otherwise needed because that interface was so annoying.

So technically you should be allowed to call the coin at any point in the chain, but I'd really prefer it not prompt me because it never* actually matters. You can just call the Coin later on if you need the actions.

*Edge case: You need the extra actions right away because you're going to play a Storyteller and use Diadem for extra money from your actions. Ugh, there's always an edge case, isn't there?
General Discussion / FAKE Shuffle iT dev update
24 January 2017, 08:48:56 PM
Hey everybody, I just wanted to post a quick update.

We just finished/released the initial "visual trash" area. It shows the card images (stacked), so it's a lot easier to use the trash now. Unfortunately the display doesn't update if you already have the trash displaying -- we'll get that fixed soonish, but it's low priority.

The other big thing we've been working on is the "name a card" interface. It's been more tricky to implement than we were expecting because of how the concept of a "stack of cards" is coded behind-the-scenes. We're hoping to finish this up by the end of next week though.

We haven't started working on the Journey token or Inheritence/Stash yet, but those will be next up on our list. Sorry these aren't done yet.

As always, if any of these timelines change, we'll let you know in our dev update next week.
Other Bugs / Game ended early with Engineer
11 January 2017, 10:24:58 PM
I trashed an Engineer to gain the last card from a third pile, and the game appeared to just end instantly. I didn't get a buy or anything.

Game #263131 on tokyo.
Feature Requests / DataTables
11 January 2017, 07:29:17 PM
I haven't really investigated what technologies you're using, but I just wanted to suggest looking into DataTables for things like the list of games.

I've used it in several different projects, and it's awesome. It gives you full sorting capabilities along with filtering/searching. You can easily use its filter function to provide features like a checkbox to only show "new" tables, etc. And users could type in someone's name to filter down the results to just that player's table.
AI bugs / Treasure play order (Bank)
10 January 2017, 10:27:04 PM
The bot seems to just play the treasures randomly instead of saving Bank for last.
Other Bugs / object Object (javascript) in interface
10 January 2017, 10:23:57 PM
I was spectating a game, and when it ended, there was a bunch of "[object Object]" lines in the interface. Then I logged in on another computer and tried to watch the same game. It took me to the lobby and still had the Object junk, but I also couldn't see any way of actually watching the game (that was already going).

Attaching screenshots.
AI bugs / Waiting for Lord Rattington (Possession)
22 December 2016, 07:00:42 PM
Every time I played Possession in a bot game, things broke. I played my extra turn, the bot played its normal turn, but then when my next turn was supposed to start, it just said "Waiting for Lord Rattington" and I couldn't do anything.

Exiting and rejoining the game fixed it until I played another Possession.
Feature Requests / Kingdom of the Week
21 December 2016, 05:11:15 PM
So Reddit has a "Kingdom of the Week" feature where you can discuss a particular set of cards. It's semi-interesting, but most people don't really care because you can't have a great discussion of the kingdom until you've actually played it a couple times.

On the other hand, Kingdom of the Week would be an awesome feature in-game. Each week there could be a different kingdom set up that anyone could easily play on. Then the Reddit discussion threads could be a place to talk about the "real" KotW.

Obviously fix up the game client itself first, but this would be a cool feature to implement later on.
Feature Requests / Show Everything
11 December 2016, 05:51:33 PM
I've only played a few games on the new client so far, but there's one huge issue that I think needs to be addressed immediately. When "something" happens, the interface HAS to show it. When I say "something", I mean anything Dominion related -- playing cards, revealing cards, moving a card from one location to another, etc.

I know many serious Dominion players liked to play with animations off on the old system, and that's probably the reason the new client works the way it does. In the new system it's inarguably harder to follow what's happening. This is killer for new players. If an experienced player has trouble following what's happening, a new player will be completely lost (and will probably not continue playing).

As the new system currently works, there's a ton of information that is ONLY visible if you check the log. The log needs to be a supplemental source of information that simply lists all the things that were shown through the interface. In other words, it needs to be possible to play without consulting the log at all.

Here are a couple examples of the problems related to specific cards that I've seen in just the few games I've played.

The revealed card isn't actually revealed. I don't have any idea what it was (until I check the log). Or say you hit a big chain of Heralds -- you don't see any of it. All you see is that suddenly the Herald you played has a "3" over it, and some numbers in your hand changed.

Same issue with the revealed card. "Wait, did another copper just magically appear in my hand, or is there still a card on top of my deck I should know about?"

Instead of revealing an actual card, there's only text saying "a copper" and asking who should gain it. There should be a big picture of the card on the screen while the players makes their choice.

I self-trash a Raze, and "nothing" happens. Checking the log, I can see that 2 coppers were revealed, so one of them is now in my hand. I'm all for removing the stupid decision of which copper I want, but at least flash them up on the screen so I can see what's happening.

Hunting Party
Once again, I play it and then my hand has magically changed. Did I draw the first two cards of my deck, or did I cycle through the whole thing? Half my Hunting Parties could have been only drawing a single card, and I wouldn't have had any idea it was happening.

I think this issue is hugely important. If it's not addressed, I think this will single-handedly kill new player adoption of Dominion Online. Clicking a card and having a multi-step process resolve instantly is not only confusing, but it's just not very fun.

I have a few other small pieces of feedback/suggestions, but I'll report them later. I want to keep this thread focused on this one issue because I really do feel it's vital to fix it immediately.