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Played a Royal Blacksmith with no Coppers in hand - here is what the log showed:
Turn 20 - jdcw
j plays a Royal Blacksmith.
j shuffles their deck.
j draws 2 Silvers, a Ruined Library, a Ruined Village and a Merchant Guild.
j reveals a Ruined Village, a Merchant Guild, 2 Cultists, a Ruined Library, a Swindler and 3 Silvers.
j discards .

Better if it said j discards nothing.  Or not have the discard line at all in the log.
Game Log Issues / Bane reveals should show in Log
02 January 2017, 05:45:33 AM
It would be nice to log Bane reveals
Feature Requests / Friend's list include spectate links
27 December 2016, 11:35:32 PM
On friend's table, besides saying "logged in" - nice to have a link to spectate if the player is in an active game.
After entering /undo my log goes back to the top of the game and I need to scroll down to the bottom to access the recent turns. This does not seem to happen on my opponent's screen under Firefox. Not earth shattering, just a bit annoying. Easily can wait to be fixed.