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I'll give it a try ... jdcw
General Discussion / Re: Journey Token
22 February 2017, 04:42:58 AM
I really like how it is now - MF's version never made sense to me - to me grayed out is inactive.  I like the indicator that tells me that if I play it, it will be good.
However you have right (alternative click) set up in preferences.
Played a Royal Blacksmith with no Coppers in hand - here is what the log showed:
Turn 20 - jdcw
j plays a Royal Blacksmith.
j shuffles their deck.
j draws 2 Silvers, a Ruined Library, a Ruined Village and a Merchant Guild.
j reveals a Ruined Village, a Merchant Guild, 2 Cultists, a Ruined Library, a Swindler and 3 Silvers.
j discards .

Better if it said j discards nothing.  Or not have the discard line at all in the log.
FWIW - my payments with a VISA card had the same error (tried different banks) but then when I used a Master Card, it went through. Sample size of one.
Game Log Issues / Bane reveals should show in Log
02 January 2017, 05:45:33 AM
It would be nice to log Bane reveals
General Discussion / Re: Player left game
01 January 2017, 07:40:55 PM
Love the idea of it being configurable - that way I can set mine at 5 and weed out people who are not understanding that some internet systems are just not as reliable as others.  My internet crashes typically once a day and it takes almost 5 min. to reboot - nice to know I will be able to reconnect if I am fast.  Unfortuantely we cannot all have great internet connections - I'll be glad to wait the 5 minutes for others who have similar problems.
Yes, sounds about what I paid for a full subscription, no credits.
How to Play / Re: Getting started
01 January 2017, 05:50:28 PM
Quote from: Tuuli on 01 January 2017, 03:55:33 AM

I am playing on a regular Macbook Pro and can't figure out how to right-click. The usual ctrl-click does not work, and neither does alt-click or option-click.

System Preferences > Trackpad > Point & Click > Secondary Click = Click in Bottom Right Corner
Works for me
General Discussion / Re: Thanks but...
01 January 2017, 06:31:50 AM
Yup - bought all the cards - physical and digital and have now started a new subscription - sending in the full amount since software developers should get paid for their work. Things I appreciate: Empires (that alone I'd pay the full Gold amount for), a lighter client (battery does not get sucked down), a cleaner interface that is quite responsive, spectating, friends, actual reconnecting on bad internet experiences, allowing undo.  As a professional SW dev, I felt the launch version was definately v1 level launchable - enjoyed it in beta, enjoying it now.  Sure there are improvements that will come over time but it is way better than MF.  The devs have been very responsive to feedback - and way more professional than some of these comments.
Thanks - friend needed to update to latest version then all was there - very nice!
Feature Requests / Friend's list include spectate links
27 December 2016, 11:35:32 PM
On friend's table, besides saying "logged in" - nice to have a link to spectate if the player is in an active game.
Nevermind - new update fixed this.
After entering /undo my log goes back to the top of the game and I need to scroll down to the bottom to access the recent turns. This does not seem to happen on my opponent's screen under Firefox. Not earth shattering, just a bit annoying. Easily can wait to be fixed.