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I'm in a game where the "End Buys" button failed to load, so I am forced to use all buys just to end the turn, even if I have to buy copper.

I see a lot of error messages in the JS console, like these:

Loading failed for images/materials/gold_button.jpg. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/materials/stone_button.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/materials/stone_button_small.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/materials/copper_button_round.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/add.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/add-bot.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/bot.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/dice.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/exit.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/heart-small.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/heart-small-dark.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/heart-small-left.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/heart-small-right.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/indicator-off.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/indicator-on.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/lightning-small.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/lightning-small-dark.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/minus.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/play.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
Loading failed for images/elements/debt_130.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121

If I expand one of them, I see this:

Loading failed for images/elements/close-button.png. raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
    3]</e/t[n raven-3.7.0.min.js:49
    t preloader.js:42
    r raven-3.7.0.min.js:104
I've see this happen several times now.  I'm in a game, and a reload the page.  Instead of getting back to the game, the game loads and I'm taken  to the main screen, not back into the game I was in.
When you react to an attack by playing Caravan Guard using Way of the Otter, you draw two cards, and Caravan Guard goes into play.

But I'm seeing it get discarded immediately when your turn starts.  Is this supposed to happen, or is it supposed to stay in play?
Card Bugs / Problem playing Soldier with Capitalism?
15 August 2023, 04:21:15 PM
I'm not sure if this is actually a real problem or not, but I just had a game where my opponent had to refresh the page every time I played Soldier as a treasure from Capitalism.
Interface Issues / {{$ctrl.getTitleText()}}
24 June 2023, 10:19:49 PM
Saw this happen after a match.  I think it happened because I was using uMatrix and did not unblock
Interface Issues / Waiting for Undefined
12 June 2023, 02:35:22 AM
Somehow got this message to appear when trying to rematch an opponent, then reloading after it took too long.
Was playing a game, moved the -2 cost token from Knights to the Seer pile, and a non-functioning -2 cost token lingered around on the Knights pile.
It appears that all login attempts fail if I am using a proxy server to connect.  I just get the "Server connection was closed or could not be established" message.

JS Console says this:

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at wss:// connection.js:14:25
20005: Metaserver connection error (id: 0, currentId: 0).
error { target: WebSocket, isTrusted: true, srcElement: WebSocket, currentTarget: WebSocket, eventPhase: 2, bubbles: false, cancelable: false, returnValue: true, defaultPrevented: false, composed: false, ... }
20006: Metaserver connection closed (id: 0, currentId: 0).
close { target: WebSocket, isTrusted: true, wasClean: false, code: 1006, reason: "", srcElement: WebSocket, currentTarget: WebSocket, eventPhase: 2, bubbles: false, cancelable: false, ... }
20008: Close event code: 1006 raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
20008: Close event string: CLOSE_ABNORMAL raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121
20009: Meta Connection closed; game isn't connected so resetting raven-3.7.0.min.js:49:121

edit: Not sure if there is a problem with the proxy server itself not forwarding the wss protocol?
When I play "Lurker" with reckless in effect, it is making me trash two cards from the supply, and not letting me gain one of them from the trash.
Interface Issues / Shield has no autoplay
30 January 2023, 01:49:02 AM
Unlike Moat, Shield (Loot treasure) has no autoplay available to always reveal.
Just had a game where I saw the AI doing two really stupid things:

* Forging multiple coppers for a curse
* Never playing a village green when it was discarded
Interface Issues / Can't see how many coins I have
19 December 2022, 02:47:23 AM
Another narrow screen problem, the "End Buys" button is covering up my coin count.
When I view a card in full size (right click), sometimes there are cards associated with that card.  Example: Way of the Mouse will have an action associated with it, or Capitalism will show all the treasures.

Except the screen layout is bad when the browser window is 960px wide, only the full size card is visible, the remaining area is too small to show any cards.
Not sure exactly what's going on here, but when I buy Pursue, all the other windows open at the same time.
Other Bugs / "Continue With Bots" restarted the game
10 October 2022, 02:28:14 AM
I just saw a game restart after picking Continue With Bots.  It was the same kingdom, but now turn 1, and opponent was now the bot.

Might be game 109367081.
I used Wheelwright to discard a gold, and it prompted me to "Gain a Card up to 6 Coins".  Should say up to 5, or less than 6.  Despite the incorrect prompt text, the card still functioned correctly, only letting me actually pick cards costing 5 or less.
I set aside 5 coppers and a supplies, yet the "Set Aside" thing shows two coppers and a supplies.

Interface Issues / Card names cut off in prompts
16 June 2022, 08:45:00 AM
I've seen this happen many times.  When a card name appears in a prompt, only the first word of the card name is shown, the rest of the card name is missing.

This screenshot shows a prompt showing "Consider the way you play a Silk", and the word 'Merchant' is missing.
My browser window is set to fill half the screen of a 1920x1080 display.   (960x1040 size window)

Right now, all the prompts where the game has you choose something, the choices are displayed in reverse order, making it very easy to hit the opposite of what you intended.
I see this happen all the time.

After a match ends, you can click "Ready" to try to join the next match.
But often, the Ready button deselects itself.