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Game Log Issues / Scepter +2$ not logged
12 July 2020, 04:23:04 PM
Game Log Issues / start of turn explanations
20 June 2020, 02:29:57 PM
The reasons for the effects that happen at the start of the turn used to be logged in brackets e.g. (Wharf).
That's a bit bugged at the moment. Drawing cards tends to be logged, but not for (e.g.?) Dungeon. Other effects (Fair, Barracks, Coin from Caravan Guard, +buy from Wharf...) are logged without giving the reason.
There should also be the "receives" line for the opponent when they opt to do that.
As subject says, like for example Gear has it.
Having Silver somewhere in a list of treasures played and then the trash line is not ideal. (Goat play gets it's own line.)
Ideally, that would only apply if you actually trash something after playing Silver.
Game Log Issues / Hermit trash location
20 February 2019, 01:00:50 PM
Hermit log line should mention whether the card was trashed from hand or discard.
Game Log Issues / use of projects that is not logged
08 February 2019, 12:16:40 PM
Some projects don't have the usual (name of project) explanation in the log or other issues:

1) City Gate, Crop Rotation, Piazza at start of turn don't have the explanation in any of their lines. Probably both lines should simply get the (City Gate) etc.

2) Innovation doesn't have any explanation. At least the set aside line should get (Innovation), probably also the play line.

3) Star Chart is not logged at all. It should add a line "puts a card/card name on top. (Star Chart)"

4) Sinister Plot does not log the adding of tokens at all. It should add a line "adds a token to Sinister Plot."

5) Silos adds the explanation to the draw line, but not to the discard line. (Similarly, Pageant only adds it to the getting Coffers line). That might suggest that City Gate et al. should only get the log in the second line? Although it might be a bit confusing to not already have an explanation in the log, when the game doesn't automatically continue between the two lines.

6) Explanations in lines that draw are before the period instead of afterwards (as it should be I believe):
m draws a Copper (Sinister Plot).
m trashes a Hovel. (Sewers)
That affects Road Network, Silos, Sinister Plot.
You should be able to spend your Coffers when you play Black Market (e.g. with Capitalism) in the buy phase.
If you set aside a card with Save, Haven, Archive,... and later trash that card, the log says "sets a card aside" upon reloading instead of mentioning which card it was (Estate in the attached example).
I think that all other duration cards that lead to drawing / putting in hand at the beginning of the turn, mention the card in brackets. Den of Sin seems the only exception.
The line that a draw is skipped due to Borrow / Relic and subsequent lines are indented one level too much. First example in the attachment is in clean-up, where the indent would suggest that this is a result of buying Ambassador. Second example shows it when it skips drawing a card with Baker, where it should be indented once and not twice.

Also, at the end of the "because of Borrow/Relic" lines, the period is missing.
Game Log Issues / Overlord / BoM on reconnect
04 July 2018, 02:02:36 PM
If a game is loaded / reconnected an Overlord / Band of Misfits that is in play is also shown as that card in all previous instances in the log, when it should say "plays an Overlord" or "buys and gains an Overlord".

In the attached example, the original log on turn 4 was
m plays a Band of Misfits
   m plays a Caravan
If you have several info icons (e.g. Miserable, Deluded) in the info box in the middle and you right-click one to get the picture, you can't right-click on another one to open that picture but you have to click somewhere else first.
Interface Issues / Druid: Boons window jumping
03 December 2017, 08:55:16 PM
When you right-click Druid to see the Boons displayed on the bottom and the other player does something, the Boons window jumps to the top position (on top of supply).
Happened to me after thinking for some while about my buys and deciding that I don't need to use coin tokens.
Game Log Issues / Buying form Black Market
28 September 2017, 09:47:29 PM
Buying cards from Black Market should also say "buys and gains" in the log as for buying cards in the buy phase. Currently, it only says "gains".
Game Log Issues / Crumbling Castle
21 September 2017, 08:52:05 PM
The 1 VP you get from gaining or trashing doesn't show up in the log.
Card Bugs / Transmogrify + Watchtower
02 July 2017, 02:28:42 AM
When I use Transmogrify to gain a Watchtower to my hand, I get the option to reveal this newly gained WT to trash/topdeck itself. In game 4836503 I could actually trash it.
In game 4546559, decision index 115 (markus), I'm in my buy phase having 2 coins, 2 debt and 1 Fool's Gold in hand. I'd like to repay the debt without playing FG in order to buy Alms afterwards. But clicking either "2 Debt" or "1 Debt" or "Alms" or "Copper" always plays the FG, making it impossible to get the Alms effect.
Game Log Issues / Multiple Tacticians
17 May 2017, 03:16:38 PM
At the beginning of the turn, it always says "+1 Buy, +1 Action and draws...ALL CARDS" for an activated Tactician, even if there's been more than one activated (in my case +Card on Tactician and Royal Carriage):

Turn 17 - markus
m starts their turn.
m gets +1 Buy, +1 Action and draws 2 Coppers, 2 Silvers, 2 Provinces, a Mill, a Disciple, 2 Giants, a Lost City, a Royal Carriage, a Teacher and 2 Black Markets (Tactician).

Game 3670179