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Feature Requests / Autoplay of princed walled village
11 January 2021, 04:58:48 PM

Can you remove the auto play option from walled villages that are princed?
I just lost my princed village, because I had no other cards to play that turn, and forgot I had autoplay on.
So in those cases, I would just still ask the player whether they want to top deck, even if they have auto play ;)

Support / Cannot connect to dominion
18 March 2020, 03:26:33 PM
When I try to log in I get the error message "Server connection was closed or could not be established".

The funny thing is, this happens on all the devices that are in my wifi. If I go into the page from the phone or via a hotspot, everything works fine. I am not sure its related to the release but yesterday I could still play fine from my network.

Already restarted the modem.

Any hints on what could cause that / how I could fix it?

Card Bugs / Research reveals cards set aside
06 November 2018, 01:05:43 PM
Research says that the cards should be put face down. And does not mention reveal. Yet if I click on my name after playing it, I see which cards are set aside for the next turn. I guess thats not how its supposed to be?
Card Bugs / Priest + Sewers
28 September 2018, 02:12:16 PM
If i get sewers, and I play a priest, I do not get the +2 coins for the card I trash with sewers.
Is this a bug, or did I miss something?

E.g.: game #18772354
General Discussion / Random people joining my table
23 November 2017, 12:53:58 PM
Whenever I set a game up to play with a friend, before the friend arrives several other people join my table. I usually tell them I am waiting for someone, and they leave again. It does not bother me at all.

But it makes me wonder: Why do they do this? Why go click through random tables, instead of using automatch? Is anyone of you who are doing this here on the forum and can explain it to me? ;)
Recently, I have experienced way more people who did not realize that their game started, than usual. I dont mean people who read the cards, but people who dont react to chat and just seem to be away for the first minutes. Its starting to get annoying.

Have there been any modifications to the notification at the game start?

I would really like to be able to play X (3?) rated games per day against my friends (maybe x per day per friend?).

The reasoning behind it is that I really like the friend list, and I made tons of friends already. But since I only play ranked games, I rarely ever meet them. Thus, if I could challenge them for some limited games per day, the friend list would make a lot more sense for me.

Now I understand that this still leaves a possibility for abuse. But abuse will always be possible, and it seems that with that system, abuse related to playing against "fake friend accounts" would have rather high effort for rather low gain.

I get that this is not going to be on your high priority list, but maybe we could discuss and refine the idea, and when the time comes, it might be interesting to have a look at it.

Cheers, L
Card Bugs / Archive did not give me my cards
08 June 2017, 01:22:24 PM
Joining game #4234248 on tokyo.

Last turn:
L puts a Charm, a University and a Watchtower in hand (Archive).

But the cards never appeared. I think I only had 1 watchtower, and i drew that one as the next card. Very strange :D
Game Log Issues / Inconsistency in the End Screen
12 January 2017, 12:50:08 PM
The table where you show the victory points is slightly inconsistent.

I just had the table below as the result of game #276911 on tokyo:


If I read that, the second collumn tells me how many cards I have, and the third collumn ... well, for the estates it tells me how many points I gained for ALL estates, while for the vineyard it tells me how many points I get for ONE vineyard. That is slightly confusing. If you have the space, maybe call the second column "VP per card", or "# x VP". Hm, actually I don't have a beautiful solution for it right now, but I will keep thinking.
Other Bugs / You don't own the selected cards. [SOLVED]
11 December 2016, 05:16:41 PM
I can only playtest base cards, as I can not open tables with expansion. I alsways get the "You don't own the selected cards." message when I try.

Is this a bug or intended feature? ;)
Connection Problems / Game not loading after crash
11 December 2016, 04:27:54 PM

My opponent had an internet crash, while I presses the rematch button. For me, that lead to the black loadingscreen with the castle and the everspinning circle beneath. After a few minutes I closed it. Then, 2 hours later, i tried to play again, and still, whenever I logged on, i would end up at that loading screen.

Now, fortunately, I know the guy i was playing against.  Asked him to log on again, and immedeatly my loadingscreen was gone, and we ended up in a game.

Guess we need a timeout for reconnection, or something :)
I entered the password/username, than it got stuck. The circle does not stop spinning. Restart of the app did not help.
Feature Requests / Friend List
11 December 2016, 10:46:14 AM
Is there already a command line command for adding friends? /friend and /add did not do the job ;)

Love the new implementation so far :)
game #372 on frankfurt-test, chrome, windows 10:

When a card stack is empty, it can not be named by mystic anymore.