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Support / how to change back to English???!!!!
11 August 2023, 09:26:16 PM
I woke up today, logged in, and discovered that Dominion is now in (I believe) Korean!  Sadly, I read and understand only English.  Zero idea how this happened.  I can't see any way to correct this bug. I used my phone's translation programme, but I can't see anything that says something helpful like "change language" or the like.  So, for now; obviously, the game is no longer playable for me.

Can someone walk me through the steps to change Korean to English?  Ideally, this will include screenshots of each step (in Korean), with arrows or circles showing where I should click at each step.

This is what I can see now. (Only the Dominion site is in Korean ... all other websites are behaving normally for me.)

Support / What happened to the old support site?
01 August 2023, 01:19:26 AM
There was about a week or when (after clicking on the link in the lower-right corner of the Login page) I got only an error message.  Several days ago, the link was fixed, but now we are taken here.  Was the old site simply abandoned?
Card Bugs / Re: procession + rogue
26 May 2023, 07:08:15 AM
Ingix, can you explain a bit more.  If Lighthouse protected on the first Rogue attempt in a given turn, why wouldn't it protect against any and all other Attacks on that same turn?  Moat certainly would, right???
I see several posts in this thread, but it all seemed to have ended in March 2022.  Then, MORE THAN AN ENTIRE YEAR LATER, you posted to observe about the continued whining.  I do not think "continued" means what you think it means. [Hat tip: "The Princess Bride"]
Support / Re: unable to buy new membership
18 April 2023, 02:59:31 AM
I did a workaround.  Paid for the subscription with Paypal, instead of with my intended credit card.  Paypal worked with no problem.

But you should be aware that people without Paypal might not be able to buy a subscription, if the Mollie payment site malfunctions for them as well.
Support / unable to buy new membership
18 April 2023, 02:52:48 AM
I've been playing, and paying, for several years.  Subscription ran out today, so went to Store to buy a new one.  But there's a bug in the site (well, in the Mollie payment site that we're automatically directed to).  Now it requires 2-step authentication, and there seems to be a bug.  My credit card (which is on file with Shuffle and has been used for years and years with no problems) is now declined each time.  So, I'm unable to give you money...which is a pretty big problem for websites who like receiving money.  LOL

What do you suggest I do?

ID at santamonica811
AI bugs / Re: Is Horse Trader working correctly?
06 March 2023, 03:18:08 AM
Ah, that makes total sense.  Thanks for the explanation.
AI bugs / Is Horse Trader working correctly?
05 March 2023, 12:12:01 AM
Game: 118 437 152

Kingdom has Horse Trader, and the attack card Margrave.

Turn 10.  Lord Rat plays Margrave, while I have Horse Trader in hand.  But, I'm given no opportunity to use its defensive ability.  I used Undo to try all 3 possibilities.  (ie, 1. Tried discarding 3 cards, which included the HT.  Nope.  2. Tried discarding 3 other cards.  Nope.  3.  Looked all over the screen for some hidden button to click on, to activate the HT defense.  Nope).

Is this a known bug?  Is it an actual bug, or am I doing something wrong, somehow?
General Discussion / Re: can't log in today
16 February 2023, 09:09:00 AM
Problem fixed itself after a few hours.
General Discussion / can't log in today
16 February 2023, 06:38:03 AM
Just get a never-ending "Loading Game" message.  Usual fixes don't work this time. 
-Hitting Refresh button on browser.
-Kick and resign

Any other suggestions?
(Usual browser is Firefox.  Also tried using Chrome and Opera.  Same problem.)

Support / Re: Bot AI improvements?
07 February 2023, 03:59:41 AM
Interesting.  I was not even aware of being able to play on Stream.

Any suggestions on how to get it to work? 
-Installed Stream successfully.
-clicked on Play at the site you linked to. 

Nothing happens after that.  (Waited 5 full minutes)

Using desktop computer.  PC, Windows 10.  Firefox, latest update.
I think that people are suggesting that, rather than a large "X" on the card, it should be something like, say, a rectangle 'enclosing' the selected card.

I would not mind Dominion using different colors.  But, if one decides to use Yellow for all cases, maybe show selections in different ways, to avoid the kind of confusion the OP mentions?
This (and similar suggestions) has been mentioned many many times, and for many years.  At the old site, a player could take a "journey" and progress through a bunch of pre-selected kingdoms.  A lot of fun for players who usually play with Lord Rat, and seldom/never play with other live people.  It's my sense that bringing that into this new site is something that's always been in the "Good idea.  Maybe we'll get around to doing it at some point." camp.

Sadly, I doubt it's high on the priority list, as it certainly would have been implemented by now if the site manager(s) had any real interest in doing it.
Support / Re: How to change my username?
25 October 2022, 08:38:31 PM
Much thanks!
And it's good for all of us to have the info that we non-Admins can't change the Display name ourselves.  Sadly (in terms of your workload), it's gotta be you.   :-)
Support / Re: How to change my username?
25 October 2022, 01:03:40 PM
Thanks for trying Ingix,
It was great to read that we all can change our username (or, more appropriate for me, as you noted, can change our Display name) right here.  BUT...

It does not work.  I followed your directions, got to the same location [ShuffleIT>Profile of JB>Acct Settings]
But my screen looks very different from yours.  (See below).  You have a grayed out Username, and a Display name box directly below that (with, apparently, a hot link in the first location, which you can click on if you do want to change your username).  I do not have that lower 'display name' box at all.  And, while I do have a grayed out Username box, there is no way to change it...not that I would want to.

Of course I also tried entering my password again, to see if that made some new box suddenly appear.  Nope; it just game me a message that I had successfully updated (even though I had not made any changes).

Any ideas on what to do now?  Weird that your screen looks so different.

If it matters; I am running the most recent version of Firefox on my desktop PC (Win 10) computer.