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Support / Re: Please delete my account
« Last post by younggz on 13 May 2023, 10:26:37 PM »
Please delete my account under the name "younggz", as well as my account here. Thanks.
General Discussion / Issues of turn/randomness
« Last post by sowaka on 13 May 2023, 04:32:49 AM »
Hello, I'm playing Dominion and I've been behind the same opponent 5 times in a rowEven though the first mover had an advantage, the shuffle resulted in a double bottom (in 3 out of 5 games, the purchase card from the first week was at the bottom of the deck).
Does the shuffle really keep randomness and fairness?
To be honest, I'm not convinced by the words that randomness and probability converge.Also, Dominion itself is too disadvantageous on the draw due to the increase in card power, so please take some relief measures.

Support / Re: Update Username Request
« Last post by Ingix on 12 May 2023, 05:43:51 PM »
Support / Re: Update Username Request
« Last post by mczero on 11 May 2023, 08:42:45 PM »
I would like to change my username from mcbest to mcmom3. Thx!
Card Bugs / Re: procession + rogue
« Last post by Ingix on 11 May 2023, 04:47:50 PM »
Your opponent had played a Lighthouse the turn before.
Card Bugs / procession + rogue
« Last post by severian666 on 11 May 2023, 11:55:08 AM »
in game #122773259 on turn 10 I played procession + rogue. the first time the rogue correctly picked up a silver from the trash. the second time it only got me $2 but didn't perform the action (didnt make the opponent reveal top 2 cards).
Feature Requests / Re: disable undo request and chat
« Last post by Ingix on 11 May 2023, 09:03:45 AM »
Yes, I agree that the discussions can turn ugly if a certain undo is "OK" or not. Maybe a personal option to auto deny them would work (though not help with the discussion).
Feature Requests / disable undo request and chat
« Last post by pfft on 11 May 2023, 03:39:14 AM »
I'm so tired of people asking me to undo moves, and then whining when I deny the request. If the "undo" is of no consequence to the game, they should be able to do it without my permission, and everyone should be able to disable the requests altogether if they know they're not going to grant them, instead of waiting for someone to make the same request 87 times.
Bug Reports / Re: Scepter / Falconer (reaction)
« Last post by Ingix on 10 May 2023, 07:46:33 PM »
Yes, that is indeed a bug.  :(
Bug Reports / Scepter / Falconer (reaction)
« Last post by BaniD on 10 May 2023, 06:43:21 PM »
In game #122727906 on oregon, turn 12, my opponent (milkman) played a Scepter for which they chose to play a Falconer, even though they hadn't played one that turn. I on the other hand had played a Falconer that turn as a reaction to one of their gains.

Unless I very much misinterpreted the card, I believe this is a bug in the system.


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