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Card Bugs / Mapmaker
Last post by dominionplayer1 - 07 February 2024, 12:21:47 AM
So I just played a really frustrating game where I am pretty sure there is a bug. The card Mapmaker says that when a player gains a victory card then you may play this from your hand. What happens, though, is that if the player draws another Mapmaker as a result of this Mapmaker reaction they are then allowed to play that one. This appears to be an error, as this card was not in your hand when the victory card was gained and therefore should not have triggered its reaction. If, however, a second victory card were gained, you should be able to react again with those Mapmakers you added to your hand, but you should not be able to react to the first victory card gain.
Support / Re: Please delete my account
Last post by Ingix - 06 February 2024, 06:23:12 PM
Support / Re: Need to change sreenname
Last post by Ingix - 05 February 2024, 09:12:12 AM
I sent you a direct message with some questions. With the answers I can change your account name, no need to make a new one :-)
Support / Re: Please delete my account
Last post by TarryKetchup - 04 February 2024, 11:24:02 PM
Please delete my account titled BahBahByeDom. Thank you!
Support / Need to change sreenname
Last post by dagmarthegerman - 02 February 2024, 07:04:48 PM
I need to change my screenname but can't find a way to do so. Will have have to create a completely new account? I will lose my subscription and all my data...
Support / Re: Please delete my account
Last post by Ingix - 02 February 2024, 06:22:30 PM
Support / Re: Please delete my account
Last post by Kaigen - 02 February 2024, 03:22:14 PM
Hello, please delete my account on, and my account here, both usernames: Kaigen
Support / Re: Client wont connect on hom...
Last post by Ingix - 02 February 2024, 08:38:56 AM
Is this a new computer or (guessing from your modem descriptions) a new network setup? On a new computer, using Chrome may work better than Firefox.
Support / Client wont connect on home co...
Last post by Sethar1 - 02 February 2024, 03:02:16 AM
It keeps giving me the server connection screen was closed --- I found some troubleshooting suggesting trying to create a new account or clicking kick or kick resign --  the kick and kick resign buttons do not do anything

tried refreshing a bunch of times which sometimes gets me to a prompt to enter un/pw but then almost immediately moves back to the server connection closed.

Seems to be related to my IP -- could not get the provider to reset the IP -- after-hours support only knew how to reboot the modem which did not cause the IP to refresh.

Tried on multiple other devices on my network and got the same error
Announcements / Re: Releases
Last post by Stef - 01 February 2024, 02:34:30 PM

adds a new promo card Marchland
updated lookup table for ip address -> country (used when you purchase a sub)