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Translations: Deutsche Version, 日本語

We're preparing for previews of the new expansion - Dominion: Allies - starting on February 28th.
In the meanwhile, a lot has changed today that isn't strictly related to Allies. It's too much to name it all, but here are the main takeaways:

1. Functional card and rules changes, for Coffers, replaying cards, Donate, Mountain Pass, Patron, Merchant Guild
2. Card Pool Levels. This is a new feature to help newer players ease into the fast universe of Dominion cards. It replaces Familiar Cards.
3. a UI overhaul. Many things will look nicer; take an extra look at animation settings and undo
4. Fixed card bugs
5. new autoplays for Encampment, Duplicate

Many, many thanks to ceviri for coding most of the new UI
And thanks to the people who playtested this version over the last two weeks and provided feedback.



Old rule: Coin tokens can only be removed from a player's Coffers in that player's Buy Phase (or when
instructed by a card such as Butcher); they cannot be used when buying a card via the promotional card Black Market.
New rule: You can spend Coffers at any time during your turn.

Some cards had to change to make this change possible:

Old Merchant Guild: While this is in play, when you buy a card, +1 Coffers.
New Merchant Guild: At the end of your Buy phase this turn, +1 Coffers per card you gained in it.
Old Patron: When something causes you to reveal this (using the word "reveal"), +1 Coffers.
New Patron: When something causes you to reveal this (using the word "reveal") in an Action phase, +1 Coffers.

The main reason for this change is that it makes play easier. You no longer have to plan ahead in your buy phase, calculating what exactly you want to buy and spend the Coffers for it first. The interaction with Black Market always surprised people, and it's now gone.

Impact: some cards get stronger because of this change. In my opinion, the most notable winner is Storyteller, now allowing you to spend coffers for draw. It's also nice for Spices and Silk Merchant, allowing you to use the newly gained Coffers immediately if you have multiple buys. Black Market is a bit stronger now, and of course Merchant Guild changed the most.

First of all, Merchant Guild used to say "While this is in play", and it no longer does. This is a lot stronger when you play it multiple times with e.g. Throne Room, because now you'll actually get the effect multiple times. It's weaker when you put it into play without following its instructions, for example with Way of the Pig or an opponents Enchantress attack.
Second, it used to say "when you buy" and now it says "per card you gained". This can make a difference if you gain a lot more cards than you buy in your Buy phase. Likely candidates are Border Village, Livery, Stonemason, Port, Experiment, Death Cart, Talisman, Masterpiece, Fortune, Rocks, Duchess and a lot of Events.
Third, you used to get the coffers immediately, and now you'll get them at the end of your buy phase. You couldn't spend the coffers immediately anyway so usually this changes nothing. But be careful of the combination with cards that get you out of your buy phase without ending it (Villa, Cavalry).

Implementation: You can now spend Coffers in the client by clicking on the Coffers symbol, like Villagers. This works whenever nothing else is happening (so we're not halfway resolving some other card). Also very much like Villagers, you will almost never have to do this. At convenient times to spend coffers the old slider to spend them is still there, and the 'autobuy' feature will automatically spend them for you.
A number of cards have 'stops' build into them where the client pauses and asks you explicitly if you want to spend Coffers at this time: Storyteller (right before drawing), Wine Merchant (right before possibly discarding from the Tavern mat), Fortune (right before doubling your Coins), Basilica (right before taking 2VP), Swashbuckler (right before you may get the Treasure Chest), Black Market (right before buying)

Between Turns

There used to be three things in Dominion that could happen between turns. Donate, Mountain pass, and choosing what type of extra turn to do next if you had multiple of those coming. Now the first two are gone, and only that last remains. This is nice, because now nothing can happen anymore outside of a turn, which used to lead to some weird edge cases that now no longer exist.

Old Donate: After this turn, put all cards from your deck and discard pile into your hand, trash any number, shuffle your hand into your deck, then draw 5 cards.
New Donate: At end of turn, put all cards from your deck and discard pile into your hand, trash any number, shuffle your hand into your deck, then draw 5 cards.
Old Mountain Pass: When you are the first player to gain a Province, after that turn, each player bids once, up to 40D, ending with you. High bidder gets +8VP and takes the D they bid.
New Mountain Pass: When you are the first player to gain a Province, at end of turn, each player bids once, up to 40D, ending with you. High bidder gets +8VP and takes the D they bid.

One important thing to notice is that both cards used to happen after we check if the game ends, and now happen before we do so. This implies that if the game ends, they now will happen, while in the old situation they didn't.
On boards where you'd love to lose cards at the end, like with Wolf Den, Wall, Bandit Fort or Curses, ending with a Donate can now save you where it used to be useless. Also be extra careful of the interaction with Hunting Grounds or Catacombs because the end-game-check comes right after.

If you manage to empty 3 piles in a game where no one has scored yet, ending the game with a single Province on a Mountain Pass kingdom can be very disappointing: your opponent gets to bid 40D first. Better buy a Duchy or Estate.

Playing & Replaying Cards

new rule: An effect that tries to play a card for the first time can only do so when the card is where the effect expects it to be. If it can play it the first time, subsequent plays will also work.
old situation: There was no generic rule restricting trying to play a card.

This change doesn't affect all that much, it's mostly a new rule to allow card wordings to be less clunky. Vassal playing Village Green will no longer allow you to double play it.

Old Prince: You may set this aside. If you do, set aside an Action card from your hand costing up to $4. At the start of each of your turns, play that Action, setting it aside again when you discard it from play. (Stop playing it if you fail to set it aside on a turn you play it.)
New Prince: You may set aside (on this) a non-Duration Action card from your hand costing up to $4. At the start of each of your turns, play that card, leaving it set aside.

Prince now also is a Duration. The change implies you can now use Throne Room to play a Prince and not be disappointed. It also means the Princed card doesn't hop into and out of play anymore, and the loop can no longer be broken by failing to set something aside. Also Prince itself now will be in play, which can be nice with Pilgrimage.


This is a feature for newer players, who can easily get overwhelmed by the large number of Dominion Cards.
The basic idea is you start at level 1, and then slowly work your way up to 10. This is not progress you have to earn somehow, you can just promote yourself whenever you're comfortable doing so.

Level 1 starts with the base set only, and eventually level 10 has all the cards. If you want to know which cards get introduced at what level exactly, the client itself explains that nicely. It also has explaining text on the new concepts that are introduced at specific levels.

Your card pool settings in automatch involve two numbers: the level you want to play at, and the pool range you're willing to accept. For example, you could set your own level to 8 and the pool range to 2, indicating you're looking for a game at level 6, 7 or 8. Setting the Pool Range lower means you're more likely to get exactly the level you want, but you're less flexible so you might have to wait longer for a match.

Another change is that players can now enable or disable bringing expansions to their games. This of course only has any impact if you're subscribed - otherwise you don't bring any expansions anyway. If you decide not to bring a certain expansion, your opponent still might bring it.

How this all exactly affects automatching is somewhat complex, and hopefully not something you need to know exactly, but I'll try to explain it anyway.

When you enter the queue, the system tries to match you with everyone already in it. Initially this just looks for matches 2P/3P and rated/unrated. Then, a match could be rejected because either player thinks the rating of the other player(s) is either too high or too low. A match could be rejected because some player blocked another player. Then we look at all the 10 possible card pool levels, and see if they're available for this match. A certain level is defined to be available if 60% of the cards on that level are available (so at least one of the players is subscribed to that card and has it enabled). If there is at least one card pool level available that is acceptable to all players, we've found a match. We'll play at the highest card pool level that is acceptable to everyone involved.

The old feature that intended to help out newer players - Familiar Cards - is removed completely.

Wait for expansions is still available because people were used to those words, but now means the opposite of "do you accept pool level 1". So when you enable/disable it, your Pool Range will shrink/grow accordingly.


Many, many things changed in the UI. Most of those changes you will find all by yourself.
Some things to note though:

We've removed the option to play custom kingdoms rated. You can still play them, but it will be unrated.

There is a new setting Animation Type. Possible settings are Slow, Standard, Sprightly, Swift, Speedy, None. It's highly recommended to experiment a bit with this setting and find out what you're most comfortable with.

Undo now makes it a lot easier to undo multiple steps at once. By clicking undo first, and then clicking in the log where exactly you want to go back to, you safe your opponent the time of approving the steps one by one.

Premoves allow you to click a card before it's actually clickable, and the client will try to click it when that becomes an option.

On the main screen outside of a game, in the top left there is a gear symbol. Here you'll find client options, autoplay options and card lists.

The client now continuously pings the gameserver, and will present you with a warning message when it lost contact.


    This is a snapshot from the 'Known Card Bugs' post on the forum that Ingix maintains and that should be fixed with this release.

    • -$1 Token:

      • Autobuy: You need to have the -$1 token, autobuy enabled, some Coffers on the Coffers mat and no Treasure card in hand in your buy phase. The game will think your buying power is equal to the money you already have (usually $0) + the amount of Coffers on your Coffers mat. It will show the respective cards as buyable. When you then click on a card in the supply costing at least $1, it will generate the missing amount of $ via converting Coffers to $, and only then realizing that one $ less than converted Coffers will be generated (due to the -$1 token), resulting in the inability to buy the intended card.

        • Workaround: Convert (at least) 1 Coffers to $ manually. This will remove the -$1 token, which seems to be the cause of the problem.
        • Forum thread: Bridge Troll + autobuy bug
        • exists in 1.5.3.X: Load game #51517961 as crlundy: It's your buy phase, you have $0, 4 Coffers and the -$1 token. The game shows cards up to $4 as buyable, when it should be only up to $3. When you click on Silver, the game converts 3 Coffers into $, but this creates only $2, not enough for Silver. In addition, the ability to spend the remaining Coffer to create $1 is not given.

    • Basilica:

      • Rule/UI: The check by Basilica if the buying player has $2 left is done immediatly after the buy. So other triggered effects that might change the amount of $ a player has are ignored. An example is gaining an Action card that produces $ (when played) with an on-buy trigger (Haggler, Charm), then playing it via Innovation.

        • Workaround: None.
        • Forum thread: Gaining bugs with Innovation etc.
        • exists in 1.5.3.X: Load game #51517656 as crlundy and buy a Duchy. Observe you are not asked to choose whether to resolve Basilica or Haggler (gaining a Flag Bearer and Innovating it for +$2) first.

    • Black Cat:

      • Rule/Multiplayer: If you can play Black Cat when it's not your turn, it will hand out Curses starting with the player to your left, when it should start with the player whose turn it is.

        • Workaround: None.
        • exists in 1.5.3.X: Load game #49412417 as Ingix (and add 5 bots). Lord Voldebot has gained a Province, and the log shows that the Black Cats played by Ingix give out Curse starting with Lord Rattington, not Lord Voldebot.

    • Black Market:

      • Rule: If you play Black Market/Storyteller during the buy phase (Capitalism), you should be able to convert Coffers into coins to be used by Black Market/Storyteller, but this isn't possible.

        • Workaround: None.
        • exists in 1.5.3.X: #51518791 as crlundy. Play Black Market, and try to buy Hoard.

    • Colonnade:

      • Rule/UI: When Colonnade triggers it seems to be always handled first, not being ordered by the player with other on-buy effects. That is normally not a problem, but can lead to missed VP gaining when a card with the same name as the bought one enters play in the course of some other on-buy trigger.

    • Crown:

      • stuck: When playing Crown --> Scepter in the buy phase, it is (correctly) possible to choose the Crown as the Action to replay with Scepter. If that is done, one can (correctly) double play a Treasure from hand, for the first playing of the Scepter. After that, the game becomes stuck (spinning Castle on reload), when it should now handle the second playing of Scepter.

    • Defiled Shrine:

      • Rule/UI: When you gain an Action card with VP tokens on it, Defiled Shrine's trigger is generally handled first (gaining Temple being an exception). That is normally not a problem, but with Innovation playing a card that changes the number of VP tokens on its own pile (Farmers Market, Wild Hunt), ordering the effect of Defiled Shrine after the play via Innovation would sometimes be more beneficial.

    • Fool:

      • UI: The ability you have at the start of your turn when you have the "Lost in the Woods" state is optional, you don't need to discard anything. If there are other start-of-turn effects that are also optional (say Ratcatcher/Guide on the Tavern mat), and you need to decide between them, the interface does not show the usual option to just play an Action card from your hand or to end the Action phase already, you have to select one option from the log area.

        • Mitigation: Select the "may discard a card to gain a Boon" option. You can then decline to discard a card. After that, the interface works 'normal' again (not forcing you to explicitely deal with those optional effects).
        • Forum thread: Forced "mays"
        • exists in 1.5.3.X: Load game #51516121 as crlundy and observe that you cannot directly play an Action card from your hand.

    • Hamlet:

      • Rule: If you have at least one card in hand after the +1 Card from Hamlet, the game will correctly ask you if want to discard it for +Action or +Buy. If you discard the last card of your hand for +Action, it will still ask you for a discard for +Buy and if you choose to do it, you will get the +Buy, even though no actual card was discarded.

        • Workaround: none.
        • exists in 1.5.3.X: Load #51677512 as Ingix. Play Hamlet, then discard the Copper for +1 Action. You can still click on the "Discard for Buy" button. The game will incorrectly log "+1 Buy", show 2 Byus available and allow you to buy 2 Copper.

    • Royal Carriage:

      • Rule: Not always, but in some circumstances Royal Carriage can be called on a card that is no longer in play. This seems to involve cases where a first Carriage was correctly called, but then this playing removed the card from play, but still (incorrectly) allowed calling a second Royal Carriage. Also it looks like this only happens when the original card is not played on an empty stack, but by some other card (Herald, Conclave,...).       
        • Source:
        • Workaround: If you know you shouldn't be able to call Royal Carrinage, don't do it.
        • present in 1.5.4: #60731830 as jmclaus. On turn 13 it happens due to Conclave playing Farmer's Market (which got the VP and was trashed on the first Royal Carrriage call), and on turn 15 on Conclave playing Ironworks (which was Way of the Horsed on the first Royal Carriage call).

    • Storyteller:

      • Rule: Playing it during your buy phase will miss an opportunity to use Coffers. See Black Market for details.

    • Swamp Hag:

      • Rule: When buying a card under an opponent's Swamp Hag effect, calling Duplicate on the bought/gained card might rarely give you another Curse.

        • Workaround: None
        • Forum thread: Swamp Hag + Duplicate
        • present in 1.5.4: Games 5811163 and 62691746 have been mentioned in the above forum thread, both not loading with "internal error".
    • Trader:

      • Stuck: When you gain a card that does not come from a pile and react to that gain with the (reworded) Trader that exchanges the gained card for a Silver, the game becomes stuck. Examples include buying a card from Black Market or gaining an Heirloom from the trash with for example Treasurer.

        • Workaround: None
        • Forum thread: Black Market + Trader
        • present in 1.5.4: Load game #60323597 (1 player game), buy Poor House from Black Market and react with Trader. The game is now stuck.

    • Wayfarer:

      • Rule: Quarry can incorrectly influence the cost of Wayfarer, where the UI shows the correct cost but buying it requires $2 less than that.

        • Workaround: None
        • present in 1.5.3.X: Load game #52124113 as Ingix, Quarry is in play, Stockpile was bought, Wayfarer is correctly shown as costing $3. If you buy Wayfarer, your money goes however from $6 to $5, so only $1 was payed.

    • Way of the Mouse:

      • Rule: If Way of the Mouse sets aside a Duration card, then when you play a Duration card using Way of the Mouse it is discarded the same turn, when it should stay in play as long as the Duration card it played. .

        • Workaround: None
        • present in 1.5.3.X: Load game #51519797 as crlundy, play a Lighthouse using Way of the Mouse (Gear), set aside cards, and then observe that Lighthouse is not in play at the start of your next turn.

Mastermind stacks - The UI has changed, making it easier to see/select which mastermind you're resolving. Unfortunately some ambiguities still remain.


Encampments smart reveal does two things:
* when the Encampment is in play, always try to reveal a Plunder, or when that is unavailable try to reveal a Gold.
* when the Encampment isn't in play, automatically don't reveal.

If the encampment isn't in play, you can't set aside anyway, and the question is just annoying. This may happen for a variety of reasons, like when you throne the encampment and it was already set aside on the first play, or maybe you play Encampment with Band of Misfits and it's in the supply.

Duplicates 'Only Gainable cards' makes it not ask if you can't gain the card anyway. You can't gain cards from non-supply piles (like Horse or Imp), or from empty piles, or from piles that have something else on top (like Castles or Knights). There are situations where you want to call the duplicate anyway, but they are extremely rare. Maybe you want an extra card in play for Horn of Plenty or Leprechaun or Bonfire, even when it does nothing.
'also no curses' does whatever is listed above, but also auto-declines gaining extra curses. It's nice if your opponent playing Witch doesn't have to wait for you.

Changeling autoplay isn't new, but it got confused when there was an Exile zone in the game, and that bug has now been fixed.


1. Änderungen an Karten, Regeln:

  • Prinz: Ist jetzt eine Dauerkarte, die immer im Spiel bleibt und die beiseite gelegte Karte von dort spielt aber jetzt dort belässt (analog zu Weg der Maus und Erbschaft)
  • Taler: Ab jetzt können Taler während das ganzen eigenen Zuges ausgegeben werden, nicht nur während der Kaufphase vor dem Kaufen von Karten oder Querkarten. Damit entfällt lässtiges Rechnen für weitere Käufe, wenn durch frühere Käufe mehr Geld oder Taler entstehen. Ein Beispiel wäre das Kaufen von Gewürzen, dem Ereignis Wagnis, oder das Spielen einer gekauften Miliz mittels Innovation.
  • Patron: Damit diese neue Regel funktioniert, mussten 2 Karten leicht geändert werden. Der Patron liefert jetzt nur noch Taler, wenn er während einer Aktionsphase aufgedeckt wird. Das verhindert eine "unendliche" Kombo mit Verfolgung.
  • Kaufmannsgilde: Die 2. geänderte Karte ist die Kaufmansgilde. Der Taler gebende Effekt ist jetzt Teil des Ausspieleffektes, wird also mit einem Thronsaal verdoppelt. Sie gibt die Taler aber nun erst am Ende der Kaufphase, diese sind also in diesem Zug nicht mehr für's Kaufen verwendbar. Aber sie gibt +1 Taler für jede in der Kaufphase genommene Karte, nicht wie bisher für jede gekaufte Karte.
  • Spende: Der gesamte Effekt tritt nun am Endes des Zuges ein, in dem die Spende gekauft wird, nicht mehr nach dem Zug.
  • Gebirgspass: Das Bieten um die 8 SP findet nun auch am Ende des Zuges mit der ersten genommenen Provinz statt, nicht mehr danach.

    Das Ziel dieser beiden Änderungen ist es, ausgelöste Folgeeffekte innerhalb eines Zuges abarbeiten zu können. Durch die Erweiterung Menagerie war es möglich geworden, quasi jede Aktions- und Geldkarte zwischen den Zügen zu spielen. Da viele Karten sich aber auf den aktuellen Zug beziehen (z.B. Brücke), ist nicht klar, wie sie zwischen den Zügen zu interpretieren sind.
  • Spielen von Karten: Die Regel, wann eine Karte spielbar ist, wurde leicht geändert. Nun muss sie dort sein, wo der ausspielende Effekt sie erwartet, mit einer Ausnahme: Wenn der ausspielende Effekt die Karte mehrfach spielt ("Thronsaal"), muss sie nur beim ersten Spielen dort sein, bei den nächsten Malen nicht mehr.

    Diese neue Formulierung verhindert z.B., dass man eingemischte Karten spielt, die man eigentlich hätte Spielen dürfen (z.B. mehrere Dorfanger abgelegt, während der Nachziehstapel leer ist). Sie ermöglicht auch einfachere Formulierungen bei Karten wie Einladung, Reiche Ernte oder Innovation.

2. Kartenstufen
Kartenstufen ersetzen die bisherigen "Bekannten Karten". Die Karten von Dominion wurden in 10 Stufen eingeteilt, von 1 "nur die Karten aus dem Basisspiel" bis 10 "alles, was es gibt". Jede Stufe fügt ein oder mehrere neue Konzepte hinzu, die Karten stammen aber aus verschiedenen Erweiterungen. Man kann im Automatch oder am Tisch die Kartenstufen angeben, mit denen man spielen möchte.

So sollen für einen Spieler kleinere Schritte vom reinen Basisspiel zu den Erweiterungen gemacht werden, die bisherigen 2 Schritte "Basisspiel" --> "Silber - Abonnement" --> "Gold - Abonnement" waren einfach zu groß.

Die Einzelheiten für jede Stufe und die neuen Konzepte kann man nachlesen, wenn man auf der "Spiel finden" Seite oben den "Wähle Kartenstufe" Knopf anklickt.

3. Überarbeitung der Bedienoberfläche.
Viele Schaltflächen sehen jetzt schöner aus, das Optionsmenü befindet sich jetzt links oben hinter dem Zahnradsymbol. Außerdem wurde die Animationen komplett überarbeitet. Man kann in den Optionen die Animationsgeschwindigkeit in 5 Stufen einstellen.

Es gibt jetzt zusätzlich zum bisherigen Zurückgehen im Spielgeschehen eine erweiterte Variante. Die bisherige Variante "1 zurück" hat als Symbol unter dem Chatfenster den Kreis mit 1 Pfeil. Ein Linksklick darauf funktioniert wie bisher: Das Spiel wird bis vor deine letze Entscheidung zurückgedreht. Mit dem neuen "Rückgänging"-Knopf (Symbol: Kreis mit 2 Pfeilen) kann man nun auswählen, bis wohin man zurückgehen möchte. Klicke einfach auf die gelb hervorgehobene Zeile im Log, bis zu der du zurückgehen möchtest.

Möchte dein Gegner ein Undo machen, siehst du durch die gelb hervorgehobene Zeile im Log, wohin genau es gehen soll.

4. Einige Kartenfehler wurden behoben
Für die genaue Liste bitte in den englischsprachigen Teil schauen.

5. Neue Autoplays für Duplikat und Feldlager

Es gibt zwei neue Autoplays, in den Optionen zu finden ganz unten bei "Andere Autoplays".

Das Autoplay für Feldlager hat 2 Einstellungen, "Aus" und "Schlaues Aufdecken". Bei "Aus" fragt es wie bisher jedesmal nach, ob Gold oder Diebesgut aufgedeckt werden soll. Bei "Schlaues Aufdecken" wird ein Diesbesgut aufgedeckt (wenn auf der Hand), ansonsten ein Gold.

Das Autoplay für Duplikat hat 3 Einstellingen, "Aus" (wie bisher), "Nur nehmbare Karten" und "... und keine Flüche". Bei "Nur nehmbare Karten" wird das Duplikat nicht angeboten aufzurufen, wenn man keine weitere solche Karte nehmen kann. Die Gründe können vielfältig sein: Der Stapel mit der genommenen Karte ist jetzt leer, es war eine "einmalige" Karte wie ein Ritter oder eine Karte, die nicht im Vorrat ist, wie eine Beute.

"...und keine Flüche" ist eine Erweiterung von "Nur nehmbare Karten". Zusätzlich wird man auch nicht gefragt, ob man mittels Duplikat noch einen Fluch nehmen will, wenn man gerade einen genommen hat.



  • ルールとカード効果の改訂
  • カードプールレベル機能の実装
  • UIの改良
  • カードのバグ修正
  • 操作の自動化の新項目
1. ルールとカード効果の改訂

  • 財源のルール
  • 商人ギルド
  • パトロン
  • 寄付
  • 王子
  • 使用する」のルール変更
2. カードプールレベル機能の実装

3. UIの全般的改良

  • アニメーションタイプ
  • やり直し
  • アニメーションや相手を待たずに行動する
  • 卓の設定
  • ロビー画面の変更
4. カードのバグ修正

5. 操作の自動化の新項目

  • 陣地
  • 複製