Sorry about this but the UI changes are not good...

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Really sorry for the criticism but I find the new release nearly unplayable on a browser and completely unplayable on iOS.  Sample point of feedback:  many of the window overlays don't size properly and block critical info and cannot be moved.  I'm a customer, not a playtester, so forgive me for not documenting each of my several specific criticisms -  it was, for me anyways, overwhelming and the opposite of good.  I totally respect that you're running a small passion-driven business, and I guess I'll adjust over time, but I'm pretty good with technology, I rarely have a visceral reaction to technology change, and no doubt about it, I had a very visceral (and not good) reaction to the new UI.


I'm sure it has been a lot of work to make these UI changes but as for now I have to say I agree with jojosamboy here. I really hope other updates will come along and make it better and smoother, for now it's all laggy, messy and hard to use on different platforms (Android for example). I found the older version just perfectly simple and user-friendly.

The steam version coming out pretty soon, hope you can correct all that before it comes out or I'm afraid there'll be a wave of players leaving to steam and its terribly expensive version.


I totally agree. I am using an iPad on Chrome and I couldn't see how to start a game until I rotated the tablet. The start button was hidden. So I left the game vertical but couldn't buy a Province unless I rotated the tablet to landscape because the other player info was blocking it. Important info is hidden depending upon orientation so rotation is necessary throughout the game making it almost unplayable. I hope these issues are fixed quickly. 


I totally agree. Am very disappointed. Have been playing previous version on an IPad for years. I'm a paying customer. The new interface doesn't fit the screen properly. I can't see the resign or undo buttons whichever way I rotate the device and cards overlap blocking useful information. Please return us to previous version until you correct these problems.


Also playing in Chrome on an iPad. Couldn't find the chat or how to resign. My hand covers how many coffer I have. In preferences it is impossible to scroll down and change the animation level. Etc, many issues with new design.


A few things about the new UI are better. But overall, I don't think it is an improvement.

There are a few things I don't like about the new UI, that other people haven't mentioned yet, as far as I can tell:

  • The mystery meat navigation, with all these cryptic icons, whose purpose is not clear until I hover my mouse cursor over them. I miss the old "Undo", "Resign", "Kingdom", etc. buttons. And I think new users, and people on touch devices without mice, would like the old buttons more.
  • Picking expansions. Suppose I want to start a game with only Base (or maybe Base plus one expansion). Before, that was easy. Now, all the expansions are selected, and I have to manually unselect them by clicking each of the icons for them (which by the way are an example of what I mean above by cryptic icons). Not the biggest problem, but this is definitely worse than what you had before.
  • You removed the option to play custom kingdoms rated? Does that mean there is no (easy) way to play a game using only Base and Seaside, and have it rated? Why???

It is not all bad though. Some things are definitely better.

  • Undoing multiple moves is easier. Any way to access this functionality is better than the Easter egg you had before.
  • Premoves seem like a cool idea, although I haven't actually tried them yet.

Maybe I need some time to get used to it.

The Duke of Duchy

I signed up on the forums just to leave feedback that the new UI is a horrible resource hog and really takes you out of the game. I probably will still play every day but the choppiness is super aggravating!

Thankfully you can disable the animations - but even with that things are really choppy still? I play on an MBP and I can't imagine what this would be like on a lesser machine...

Clearly, a very talented JS developer wanted to flex some of his skills on the animations here but we're sacrificing way too much in performance with all of this

Anyways, been playing daily for years, was excited to see the UI changes initially but very much not so after playing two rounds today. If I wasn't so horribly addicted to this game I'd definitely be leaving forever after this update..

no expansions

Gotta agree as well. Forget about the new interfaces, that's debatable whether it's better or worse. I think it's worse.

But the biggest problem is the game is so laggy now.



Post game stats/scoring/cards owned is basically unreadable compared to being perfectly fine before.

Please go back to the old UI.


Agreed. It's clear that a lot of work went to the new interface but the playing experience has truly decreased significantly. There's too much going on in the new interface that it becomes less about the game itself and more about the fancy interface. It's impossible to see multiple cards in hand, hard to resign a game and undo moves. The game also crashes too frequently because all of the movement in the interface. I feel disappointed



Please please please revert back to the old UI, this new one sucks


I play a lot on my Android phone, but that seems to be a nightmare now (and the screen goes black when I finish a game.

Tried a few games on my laptop today. Works, but feels like I'm playing a Commodore 64 game in some weird emulator.