Please add more slots for disliked/liked/banned cards

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Please give us lots more slots for disliked/liked/band cards.

5 is not enough!

We were very happy with the old user interface. My group plays with multiple paid accounts. We used familiar cards list to play with the cards we wanted to but now there's no way to do this and we have to manually choose each card we want to play with. I feel this really takes a lot of the fun out of the game for us. If this doesn't get resolved I don't imagine our group will continue to play dominion online which is sad because we have really enjoyed it during the pandemic


Stef said in another thread that they will like do something to mitigate this problem in the next week.


Thanks... I counted it up and there are about 60 cards that we do not want to play with. The familiar cards feature worked great for disabling all of these cards. This is all for unrated games.