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I have noticed that when I want to play a game of Dominion just against 2-3 bots that no matter what cards I choose to play with, the bots will keep to the same pattern. They buy money, continue to buy money, buy more money, and then buy victory cards. They almost never buy action cards. I win almost every single time against the bots because I play the game how it was meant to be played. I buy action cards that will help me gain more actions, attacks, buys, and the means to buy victories later. It honestly isn't fun anymore. I want to play a game where all players utilize the cards put on the table. Playing Dominion where you only buy money in order to then buy Provinces and Coloneys and end the game as soon as possible isn't fun. The bot system needs to be fixed. It is not fun to play and needs to be fixed or I won't be apart of the subscription anymore.