Please fix War Chest (with Lord Rat games)

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From my limited experience today; seems that LR always selects Estate (!?!?!???) as the card.  This is, obviously, dumb, as Estates are--absent edge cases--the LAST card that should be picked.  It would take only 5 minutes to--at the very least--change the programming so that LR always selected Duchy as the card.  That would make a million times more sense than selecting Estate.

It is *such* a stupid AI move than it already motivates me to either never buy War Chest in 'bot games, or to just's not the slightest bit fun to play a game where LR is sabotaging itself to such a large degree.

I would think that, to actually program this card to make the "correct" decision, would be incredibly difficult...would totally depend on which other 5-value cards are in the game, what stage of the game War Chest is being played, the synergy of the various 5 cards to the other kingdom cards, etc..  But, as I wrote before--at the very least, make the game pick a non-idiotic card like Duchy, and never have it pick Estate.


Agreed that if there has to be one specific card (not a good starring point, but one that likely will not change) it should by Duchy.