Not a fan of the new animations

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The new animations are flashy but they sure are distracting. I can't even start reading a card until all the spinning has stopped. Can we get rid of the gratuitous card spinning and flipping and have a UI that is instead optimized for playing the game?

Thank you!


Have you tried changing your animation speed setting here:


Hi Ceviri,

your Team changed a lot in the last time. Layout of numbers, cards, and also the speed of the cards.

I'm from Germany and already play the game for 15 years (4000 Games on that plattform) . The game was great

how it was built. Mostly everything was perfect. That we can play it in FullSize now is one advantage but

the rest didn't make the

game better.

Also the game is now so slow because there are always server problems...

I never needed an account here, because i was happy. But the version you started yesterday is so horrable

and full of bugs, that we can't play it any more. I'm really unsatisfied.

Hope you handle that in the next days.

best regards, Mirco