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General Discussion / Re: Autoplay?
20 November 2017, 01:08:17 AM
Is it possible that you turned the Crown autoplay on during one game, and tested it in another? The changes you make during the game will be reset after every game, the changes you want to keep (such as autoplaying crowns) should be made in the options menu.
3rd place match will happen tomorrow, 19.30UTC. That is in 20,5 hours from this post. Jsh and Skies will be playing for 100€ of prize money!

The stream is in the same place as it always is, Qvist and E.Honda will be providing commentary.

Also, a quick heads-up: The final will be On Saturday 3UTC (Friday night for America), but a proper announcement will follow.
The Semifinals are happening this weekend!

In 12 hours from this post (Sunday, 0UTC), Mercury and SamE will determine the first finalist of the tournament. Commentary will be provided funkdoc and  possibly deadlock39.

The second semifinal will be held tomorrow, 20UTC, which is roughly 32 hours from this post. Dan Brooks will be facing off jsh which will be commentated by Burning Skull and markus.

As always, the streams will run here:
trying again, hopefully without issues: in 18hours from this post: DG-mercury444f.

Burning Skull and gloures will be commentating
markus-sicomatic in 3hours, 20minutes!

Lalight and Sums will be offering commentary.
Sorry Jeebus that you are unsatisfied with the commentary. The truth is, I asked the commentators about an hour before your match started, we didn't even know if we could work out the technicalities until the game start. (I didn't plan for a stream at all initially, it's quite hard to organize within a day).

Also, speaking from experience, commentating is more difficult than it sounds. Articulating yourself (in a foreign language) while making sense is a task in itself, and it's really hard to keep track of the gamestate itself while doing so. Technical problems make this task exponentially worse, of course, especially if you're trying to keep the commentary up while fixing the game. ( I think you can hear the distress from the casters quite clearly). I sure neither Anders nor markus had any animosity towards you, it just sometimes happens that you focus on one deck more than the other (for various good and less good reasons)

Feel free to pm me if you want to try out the streaming thing, I think that's the easiest way to gain appreciation for how difficult it really is.
first game of round 6:

jsh-jeebus in 60minutes!

markus and Anders will stream; link is in every message so far
Two more r32 streams this Sunday!

8UTC:(11 hours from this post): vs saaket, commentated by Seprix and markus

16UTC: 19hours from this post): JW-Sicomatic, commentated by Qvist and aku chi

streams will still be over at
Tomorrow, about 27hours from this post (15UTC), gamesou and Beyond Awesome will face of in their round 5 match. We're glad to have breppert and Mic Qsenoch streaming and commentating the match!

2017 Championship (archived) / Re: Biggest upset?
19 October 2017, 12:20:41 PM
To me being "upset" by singletee: It looks quite bad on paper, but experience has shown that we're quite evenly matched, with me being slightly on the losing side. If I remember correctly, the last two league matches against him were 3-3 and 2-4 (this time being 3-4), so nothing really out of the ordinary.

The more interesting question to me is what Singletee is doing in his regular rated games to be seeded so far down :P

We'll start off with the Round 5 match of Mercury444F vs. faust.

Burning Skull and I will be commentating. The match starts Wednesday at 9:00UTC, which is in roughly 18,5 hours from this post.

edit: here is the video:

Sorry for the technical issues, I hope the video is ok regardless.
As we are getting closer and closer towards the end of the tournament, the excitement for the remaining matches grows. We will broadcast some of the games with commentary, trying to create a communal viewing experience aswell as a recording of said games for those of you who are interested in watching high level dominion games.

The broadcasts will be saved on twitch and youtube; links will be provided when the match is over. You can catch the action live on:

If a stream such as this happens, it will be announced in advance in this thread.
Singletee  and I will play our r4 match Friday, 0UTC, which is roughly in 24 hours from this post (sans 20min)
drsteelhammer 4-1 dmorey