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just renewed my subscription and dismayed to be unable to use it - cannot get the login button to respond, and the incognito window / kick and resign fix doesn't work either.

I've tried Chrome and safari...


I just wanted to express my appreciation for the hard work of those running - I'm valuing the game more than ever and online play is of course such a nice thing to have access to while in lockdown.

So, um. Thanks!

I have a hard time remembering which are "command" cards - it'd be nice if Captain could show when right clicked all the compatible cards from the current Kingdom - same goes for any other cards referencing command or non command cards.


While I'm loving the new cards and appreciate the chance to try them in the previews, I've serious reservations about the interface for Ways.

It seems counter intuitive to use the bottom half of the card - where the description of its normal effect is - to trigger the alternative effect of the Way, I think it makes more sense that the text should do what the text says when clicked on, and the picture be used for the Way.

Thanks for all the hard work with the new cards.
Hi folks,

played two games with Inheritance today and neither had the Estates showing the inherited card, as they did previously - indeed no way I could see to be reminded of what card you'd inherited!


Support / Can't get into a game...
02 February 2018, 01:48:12 AM
So... weirdness...

I log in, I go to matching and click "Start Search"
Instead of going to the pregame screen I'm taken to a "New Table" with another player - but if they're ready and I click ready it says "already starting" and nothing happens...

I think it also happens the other way round...


General Discussion / Early "gg" - Utterly minor gripe!
20 January 2018, 12:40:19 AM
So trivial.... but it does bug me a little when folks post "gg" on my turn *before* the game has actually ended.
Sure sometimes I do go on to win, which seems to be what they're assuming, but not always by any means...
...and then my natural paranoia goes "what have I missed???" :)

Does this bother anyone else?
I think that's what happened:

game: #10624918

Turn 19 - blamelewis
b plays a Herbalist.
Herbalist is enchanted by Enchantress
b draws a Farmland.
b plays 3 Coppers and a Silver.
b buys and gains a Duchy.
b topdecks a Silver.
b draws a Silver, an Estate, a Smugglers, a Scrying Pool and a Farmland.
Card Texts problems / Idol in log says "gain a Idol"
03 January 2018, 12:48:17 AM
...which should of course read "Gain an Idol"

General Discussion / Thanks!
21 December 2017, 11:47:04 PM

just wanted to post, in a flush of festive-season goodwill, my thanks to Stef and everyone else at ShuffleIT for all your hard work in making Dominion playable online...

I've just got into this amazing game in the last year, and while the physical cards are great fun it's been through this site that I've truly learned to play. For a long time, this game held the exalted position of being my "favourite game I'm no good at" but now I think I've risen to the level of my own incompetence in the rankings, and now don't lose *every* time :)

So happy holidays etc to everyone, and thanks for all the hard work and continual improvements over the year... here's to next!

Hi, I can't see when having more than one Champion might be useful (though as there always seem to be exceptions to everything in Dominion I'd love to hear if anyone knows of such a time...)

But given that for the most part one champion is enough, how about an option on the autoplay for Hero saying "exchange once" - so after you've exchanged one for a champion it reverts to default keep?


Card Bugs / Summon Skulk bug?
16 November 2017, 05:18:09 PM
game #8756290 on frankfurt.

"b plays a Catapult.
b trashes a Copper.
c discards a card and a Copper.
b plays 2 Coppers and a Gold.
b buys a Summon.
b gains a Skulk.
b gains a Gold.
Summon loses track of Skulk (it was covered up)."

Nothing in the wording of Summon suggests that gaining the gold on top of the Skulk should prevent it being set aside!

the warning that you'll trash an opponent's knight if you choose to trash your own is welcome - however there's a bug in the log for this - maybe it's showing a variable name rather than the text of the card name?

Screenshot attached...

Also - in general I think the interface could help make these things more explicit by phrasing it like so:
"You'll trash (opponent's name)'s Sir Vander..." etc...

- as with my previous thing about being confused at being asked to trash a card from (my username's initial) rather than the much more straightforward "choose one of YOUR cards to trash" I think some plain language here about whose cards you're affecting would help a great deal...



just a text issue on the log,

See screenshot...

I play Band of Misfits as Procession, then "process" a Pirate Ship. Coin of the Realm is also on my Tavern Mat and so the log reads:
"You PLAY_INSTRUCTIONS a Pirate Ship and...
- Call Coin of the Realm"

Everything worked as it should I think... but the indenting is getting very extreme and makes the log hard to read.
It maybe a factor that the Band of Misfits was played by a Herald?


Interface Issues / Minty spoils
04 October 2017, 02:35:07 AM
I think since Mint doesn't let you gain a spoils then you shouldn't be able to *select* spoils after playing mint...

I know this is just my misunderstanding which treasures Mint can act on, but the interface could certainly help...


Other Bugs / Vanishing game
02 October 2017, 03:36:00 PM

today I was in the early stages of a game - I didn't note the number or opponent, sorry.

My opponent was inactive for a while and (as I usually do in these circumstances) I refreshed my browser page to see if anything had locked up at my end.

Instead of the usual behaviour of reconnecting to the game in progress I found myself at the login screen, and then when I logged in there was no sign of the game!

furthermore I couldn't find a record of it on the "scavenger" tool that records game results.

All I can recall is that it was before game #7380589

Interface Issues / Rogue Rant
16 September 2017, 03:26:52 AM

I know it's my own stupid fault, but twice now I've been mislead by the text that comes up when an opponent plays a Rogue and I have two possible cards to trash.

Because it says "Trash a card from B" (the first letter of my username) and NOT something obvious like "Trash one of YOUR cards" I've mistakenly clicked on a card thinking I was trashing an opponents...

I know if I were paying more attention this wouldn't fool me but something about the way the text is just implies it's not MY card... can this be fixed? - I think it's badly phrased. Why is it

end rant!

Actually, no! While I'm on the subject I think it's easy to miss what has been trashed from your deck when it's only noted in the log - as in the case of Rogue when there's only one card to Trash. It's easy to miss as it flies past in the log. Maybe a highlight for trashes would be more noticeable?

actual end of rant(s) now :)

In a game just now I played Catapult. I trashed a copper but my opponent *instantly* discarded a copper - too fast for them to have manually selected it I think?
So this bit of automation reveals that they have a hand of only copper.

I know it's not much in the grand scheme of things but it's still an info leak and a bit unfair... assuming I'm right that this *was* automation?


Hi - game #6424296

So my opponent has Diplomats and has always reacted with these when I play Young Witch.
The Bane is Oracle - I've never seen them reveal it but they've never gained a curse - is the Diplomat protecting them somehow? I don't think it should.

Or am I missing something. Feels like I'd be doing a lot better in this game if my curses were getting through.

Card Bugs / Messenger / Harbinger bug
19 March 2017, 06:04:26 PM
So I play messenger, then discard my whole deck into the discard pile. Seems like Harbingewr would then be able to look through eveything - neat combo.
Except when I play harbinger the deck is suddenly back as a deck again - not in the discard pile!

Am I missign something or is this a bug?