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Known Card Bugs

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Specific card bugs

  • Blessed Village:

    • Incorrect game state: When a boon is taken and received when it is not the taking player's turn (this is IMO only possible by gaining Blessed Village when it is not the gaining player's turn), the boon will work, but will not return to the boon pile at the correct time if it is one of the three 'Keep this until Clean-up'-boons (The Field's Gift, The Forest's Gift, and The River's Gift). They should return during the next cleanup phase that is happening, but they do return during the next cleanup phase of the gaining player. This makes a difference if the boon pile needs to be shuffled in between the time it should have returned and the time it is returned. This was originally reported for the special case when these boons were taken and recived between turns.

      • Workaround: None.
      • Forum thread (forum.ds) Pathological Donate Questions
      • exists in 1.5.3.X: Load game #51517181 as crlundy, choose to receive The Field's Gift now, then play out your next turn and observe at the end of that turn that The Field's Gift is discarded. 

  • Ducat:

    • Forced play: If you have Ducat in hand and repay debt, the Ducat will always be played, even if the amount of $ you have created this turn is enough to repay the chosen amount of debt. This prevents using the Ducat as a trash card for Bat, for example.

      • Workaround: None.
      • Forum thread: Ducat is a forced play when having debt
      • exists in 1.5.3.X: Load game #51516420 as crlundy, then try to repay only 3 Debt without playing Ducat.

  • Graverobber:

    • Bot/Stuck: When the AI plays a Graverobber, it may become stuck. It seems to be happening when there is something for Graverobber to do (something appropriate in hand or trash).

      • Workaround: none.
      • exists in 1.5.3.X: Load game #51677238 as Ingix. End your turn, then the AI will play Graverobber, but then not proceed to do anything.

  • Mining Village:

    • Bot stuck: When a bot has a hand with Mining Village as the only Action card and has Villagers, playing the Mining Village makes the bot get stuck. Either removing the Villagers or adding an Action card to the hand solves the problem, so I assume the reason is the interaction between the "delayed question" of Mining Village for trashing, the Villagers and the only way to decline the trash is to "End Actions" as a user.

      • Workaround: None
      • Source: : DBM000 on discord.
      • present in 1.5.3.X: Load #51683129 as Ingix. End your turn, then watch Lord Rat play Mining Village and get stuck.

  • Plaza:

    • Bot stuck: When a bot plays Plaza, has no more Action cards in hand but has Villagers, the bot becomes stuck.

      • Forum: Bot Freezes on Plaza
      • Workaround: None.
      • present in 1.5.4: #64024168 as serakfalcon. The bot has played Plaza but doesn't continue.

  • Possession:

      • UI: When you buy Transport while your are possessing an opponent, there is no UI to select the exiled Action cards you may want to topdeck. See Transport/Possession below.
      • UI stuck: In a game with 3 or more players, if player A possesses player B, and during the Possession turn forces B to also play a Possession, then the next turn will be player B possessing player C. During that turn, player A's client will incorrectly present the game as though he was player C (among other things, player C's name will be in the lower left). Since he can't see player C's hand, they are shown as card back. If player A is required to do anything with his own cards (like discard them for a discard effect), he cannot do that and the game becomes stuck.

        • Workaround: None
        • Source: discord, reported by caitlyn
        • present in 1.3.9: #10361116, #10422078
  • Priest:

    • Rule: Can interact incorrectly with Way of the Chameleon. See the description there for more details.

  • Scepter:

    • Bot/stuck: If the bot plays a Scepter, the game will become stuck. The bot doesn't seem to buy Secpter, but may end up with one for any number of reasons, e.g. continuing a game where one opponent left.

      • Mitigation: Try not not give the bot Scepters via Masquerade, Jester, etc.
      • present in #51531068 as Lord Rattington (a bot needs to take the place of the originl Ingix): The bot will play Scepter and become stuck.

  • Small Castle:

    • Rule: Small Castle doesn't allow choosing to trash a Castle from your hand when there is none in hand (in order to do nothing). Similiarly, if Small Castle is not in play when it's effect resolves, one cannot choose to trash it for no effect.

      • Workaround: None
      • Forum thread: Small Castle
      • present in 1.5.3.X: Load #51514933 as crlundy and play Small Castle.

  • Snowy Village:

    • Bot/stuck: If a bot plays Snowy Village and has Villagers, the bot becomes stuck. Likely the game's question how many Villagers to convert is the reason.

      • Workaround: None
      • present in 1.5.3.X: Load #52051976 as Ingix, then end your turn. Watch as the bot plays Snowy Village, gets all the effects, then becomes stuck.

  • Star Chart:

    • Rule/Fleet: Star Chart will not ask if the shuffle is for drawing cards for the next hand on a turn the game ends. Hoewever, with Fleet bought, there may be additional turns, and Start Chart should ask, but doesn't.

      • Workaround: None
      • Present in 1.5.3.X: Load #51519080 as crlundy, click End Actions, and buy an Estate.

  • Temple:

    • Bot/Stuck: When a Bot plays Temple, it may become stuck and the game does not continue.

      • Workaround: None
      • Forum thread: bot freezes after playing temple
      • present in 1.5.3.X: Load game #51829029 as Ingix. End your turn, watch the bot play Temple, get 1 VP and become stuck deciding what to trash from a 1 Copper, 2 Estates hand.

  • Transport:

    • UI (with Possession): When you buy Transport while possessing another player, you don't get shown their exiled Action cards, so you can't do the "topdeck an exiled Action card" option.

      • Workaround: None
      • Discord source: Possession, Masq and Transport
      • present in 1.5.3.X: Load game #52399149 as  folivora. Undo to Turn 5 - Lord Rattington [Possession]. Hover over "your" (the opponent you're possessing) info bar and see that Possession and Masquerade are exiled. Buy Transport, but you don't get the exiled cards shown to topdeck.

  • Villa:

    • Rule: If gained during the buy phase by an effect that will gain more cards immediately (Stonemason overpay, Ball, Crowned Horn of Plenty), the return to action phase will happen with a slight delay, which may cause certain cards to not work as they should (Crown still in 'buy phase mode', Peddler still cost reduced).

      • Workaround: None
      • Forum thread: Villa transition to Action phase happens slightly too late
      • present in 1.5.3.X: Load game #51514049 as crlundy and overpay for Stonemason by clicking on Villa. You can get the Peddler as second card that incorrectly is considered costing $4 only.

  • Villagers:

    • UI: During your Action phase, if the only thing you can do is spend Villagers, you are not given a chance to spend them and instead your Buy phase automatically begins.

      • Workaround: None
      • present in 1.5.3.X: Load game #51520215 as crlundy, reveal a Province, gain Diadem, and then observe you do not get a chance to spend Villagers for Diadem.

  • Way of the Chameleon:

    • Rule: If you play 2 Priests during a turn, one normally and one using Way of the Chameleon, and later that turn (after both have completely resolved) trash another card, you will either get +$4 or +4 cards for the trashing, instead of +$2 and +2 cards. It looks like the given bonus ($ or cards) is what the first played Priest should give.

      • Workaround: None
      • present in 1.5.3.X: Load game #54322044 as Ingix. The last play (trashing with Lurker) tries to replace +$4 with giving +4 cards, but should give +$2.

  • Way of the Frog:

    • Rule/UI: Way of the Frog seems sometimes to be automatically applied first in cases where other effects also trigger from discarding the card played using Way of the Frog. Examples exclude Hermit and Prince but not Travellers (which work correctly by giving you the choice).

      • Workaround: None
      • present in 1.5.3.X: Load game #52048310  as Ingix, then end your buy phase. The game automatically topdecks your Hermit and gains you a Madman, wenn trashing the Hermit might be the desired option. Similar #52048686 for Way of the Frog + Prince.
    • Rule: When Way of the Frog is used with an Action card that is played when it's not its player's turn (say Black Cat), that Action card will be discarded at end of that turn, instead of being topdecked.

      • Workaround: None
      • Source: Discord by eskoglund
      • present in 1.5.4: Load game #61362560 and look at turn 22 of the (original) player Mollo8. Both players play 2 Black Cats using Way of the Frog, but only Mollo8's are topdecked, the Cats played by their opponent are discarded.

  • Way of the Turtle:

    • Forced play: If you are under effect of an opponent's Enchantress, a previously Turtled card that becomes the first card played that turn will always be played "normally" and thus effected by Enchantress. The option to use Way of the Turtle again on that card is not given.

  • Zombie Spy:

    • Game stuck: If you have Herald play Necromancer and that Necromancer plays Zombie Spy while you have an empty deck and empty discard pile (just "empty deck" here), the game becomes stuck. This does not happen when you just play Zombie Spy or Necromancer --> Zombie Spy on an empty deck. Zombie Mason, which also interacts with the top of deck, doesn't have this problem. In addition, playing Zombie Spy directly with Herald (no Necormancer) on an empty deck works as well.

Cleanup phase

  • If several identical Traveller's are played and you want to Scheme just one of them, you have no idea which one to set to "keep", so the correct one is topdecked. This is a special case of a bug mentioned in the Known Interface problems thread.

Bot problems
Some cards will or can make the bot getting stuck. The bot usually doesn't buy those cards, but they can get one anyway due to effects like Swindler/Barbarian, or because the game is a continuation of a game between human players where one resigned.

  • The bot will get stuck playing: Secret Passage, Weaver.
  • The bot may  get stuck playing: Black Market, Capital City, Fortune, Graverobber, Mining Village, Plaza, Scepter, Snowy Village, Storyteller, Swashbuckler, Temple.
  • When it has Villagers, the bot may  get stuck playing: Hamlet(106452980).


I've revamped and updated the known card bugs post. It should help players to determine what may possible go wrong with a certain card, and help the developers to see what may need fixing (and an example where the bug is reproduced).
Below, in red one can find newly added bugs (that are still out there), green are the fixes, while orange denotes I did something more than cosmetic with a bug description.

Modifications in November:

  • 17-11-03:

    • Added (now fixed) Bonfire bug (less then 2 cards in play)
    • Added (now fixed) Pearl Diver UI inconsistency (deck card count)
  • 17-11-08:

    • Added (now fixed) Grand Castle bug (should count victory cards in play by all players)
  • 17-11-09:

    • Added analysis by markus to (now fixed) Black Market "reshuffle" bug
  • 17-11-14:

    • Added (now fixed) Fool's Gold bug
  • 17-11-16:

    • Nocturne is available! Probably some new bugs escaped the laboratory in the cellar, but a few older ones were sent to distant lands.
    • Fixed in 1.3.4: The Ball/Bridge Troll bug that caused the game to become stuck when using autobuy to pay off debt when you have your -1 coin token.
    • Fixed in 1.3.4: The Overlord/Band of Misfits bug that caused a Throne Roomed Overlord acting as an Action with an adventure token on its pile to gain the bonus 3 times instead of 2 times.
    • Updated Sauna bug description with currently loadable example.
  • 17-11-17:

    • Fixed in 1.3.4: The Baths/Possession bug that caused VP tokens from Bath to go to the wrong player during Possession turns.
    • Fixed in 1.3.4: The mysterious Black Market "reshuffle" bug that caused games that should end to be stuck with a "Black Market is reshuffling the deck" line.
    • Fixed in 1.3.4: The Bonfire bug that made games stuck when Bonfire was bought with less than 2 of buyer's cards in play.
    • Fixed in 1.3.4: The obscure Butcher bug that disallowed gaining nothing when a Butcher trashed a Copper while Coppers and Curses are empty.
  • 17-11-20:

    • Add (now [shadow=green, right]fixed[/shadow]) bug about Tournament autoplay that can cause a stuck game in 3P+ games.
    • Fixed in 1.3.4: Butcher/Possession bug that caused no coin tokens to be spent when using Butcher while possessing an opponent.
    • Updated (now all fixed) Champion trash bug, Colonnade+Inheritance bug and Fool's Gold bug with currenly loadable examples.
    • Fixed in 1.3.4: Grand Castle bug that considered only victory points in play on the side of the player gaining Grand Castle
    • Added (now fixed) Smugglers bug about the option to try to (and fail to) gain 'ungainable' cards.
  • 17-11-21:

    • Updated (now all fixed) Hamlet simultaneous discard bug and Herbalist with Scheme bug with currenly loadable examples.

  • 17-11-22:

    • Updated Inheritance/Fortress trash bug, asking for 'current sightings' of it.
    • Updated Inn/Possession bug with currenly loadable example.
    • Fixed in 1.3.4: The Lurker AI bug that caused a Lurker played by the AI to sometimes get stuck.

  • 17-11-23:

    • Added (now fixed) Band of Misfits/Overlord bug that is similar to the one fixed 17-11-16, but now the adventure bonus token is on the Overlord, not the copied card.

  • 17-11-24:

    • Added (now fixed)Monastery bug where trashes are implemented as simultaneous when they should be consecutive.
    • Updated (now fixed) Mission/Villa UI bug with currently loadable example.
    • Updated (now fixed) Mission + (Outpost/Possession) UI bug with currently loadable example.

  • 17-11-27:

    • Added (now fixed) Inn/Famine shuffle bug, where 0 cards being shuffled into a deck does not cause a shuffle.
    • Add (now fixed) Replacebug, where it doesn't loose track of the gained card when that is covered up.
    • Added (now fixed) Outpost/Overlordbug, where an Overlord-Outpost played from the trash causes the game to get stuck.
    • Updated (now fixed) Noble Brigandeffect order bug with currently loadable example.

  • 17-11-28:

    • Updated (now fixed) Royal Carriage call bug with currently loadable example.
    • Updated (now fixed) Scheme selection bug with currently loadable example and removed its "no distinction" bug because it is just one example of a general interface problem now listed in the Known interface problems.

  • 17-11-29:

    • Updated Small Castle bug, Stonemason overpay bug and Villa Action phase bug with currently loadable examples.
    • Fixed in 1.3.4: The Watchtower bug that allowed a Watchtower newly drawn during the handling of the effects triggering of a gain to apparently ignore the lost track rule. Main example was when a Rats was gained, trashed with an existing Watchtower, the on-death Rats effect drew a new Watchtower, which could trash the same rat again, for a new on-death Rats draw.


November brought Nocturne, which included lots of bug fixes and was itself (as much as can be said after half a month) almost bug free: Monastery and the Tournament autoplay seem to be the only new additions from the expansion.

Modifications in December:

  • 17-12-04:

    • Updated (now fixed) Tournament autoplay bug, adding a forum thread showing it happens also for 4 player games.

  • 17-12-05:

    • Added hard to check Wall VP counter bug, where the in-play VP counters show incorrect values in games with Wall.

  • 17-12-08:

    • Added (now completly fixed) Inheritance/Quarry cost reduction bug, where an inherited Estate is not cost reduced in a player's hand or deck when Quarry is in play.

  • 17-12-11:

    • Added (now fixed) Royal Seal's 'no longer triggering' bug, where a Royal Seal that is removed from play can no longer to be used on a card that came into play while Royal Seal was still in play.
    • Added (now fixed) Miserable bug, where Miserable is listed as contributing 0 VP when the player is Twice Miserable.

  • 17-12-13:

    • Added (now fixed) Prince + Scheme bug, where a Princed card that is schemed is played next turn by Prince from the player's hand.

  • 17-12-18:

    • 1.3.6 and 1.3.7 fixed lots of bugs (and 1.3.7 had to fix a few from 1.3.6): Fixed Champion, Colonnade+Inheritance, Duplicate/Royal Carriage, Fools' Gold and Pearl Diver(UI) bugs.

  • 17-12-19:

    • More fixes by 1.3.6/1.3.7: Fixed Inn (shuffle 0 cards into deck), Scheme/Herbalist, Twice Miserable, Monastery and Hamlet(UI) bugs.
    • The Inheritance/Quarry bug about an inherited Estate not being cost reduced in a player's deck when Quarry is in play was partially fixed (now completly fixed). The game uses the correct cost now (in the few cases where it matters), but the game UI still shows the incorrect unreduced cost of $2.

  • 17-12-20:

    • More fixes by 1.3.6/1.3.7/1.3.8: Fixed Mission/Outpost/Possession, Outpost/Overlord, Replace, Noble Brigand, Royal Seal, Smuggler, Tournament (autoplay) bugs and a partial fix (now completly fixed) for Royal Carriage (interaction with Mining Village/Engineer now correct).


    The middle of December saw lots of fixes to the known card bugs list, which is seriously smaller now.

    Modifiactions in January 2018:

    • 18-01-01:

      • Added Fool UI problem where the Lost in the Woods ability is not treated as fully optional in the UI like similar effects.
    • 18-01-08:

      • Added Possession 3+ player UI bug where one client incorrectly shows the game from the wrong player's perspective under certain circumstances.
    • 18-01-21:

      • Added (now fixed) Sauna/Autobuy/debt repay bug where a trashed Copper due to Sauna is still considered to have paid off debt with autobuy, and later turns seem to have a hidden "-$1" starting account.
    • 18-01-31:

      • Moved (now fixed) Band of Misfit trash bug which may result in negative card counts here from the Known interface issues thread, because the effect is more than interface related (can influence vp count) and the reasons are better known.


Modifiactions in February 2018:

  • 18-02-06:

    • Added Crumbling/Haunted Castle bug that may deprive you of a VP counter when gained when Aqueduct is a landmark in this game.

  • 18-02-28:

    • Added Governor trash optionality bug that makes an optional action mandatory for the player of Governor when choosing the trash path of the card.


Modifications in March:

  • 18-03-01:

  • 18-03-08:

  • 18-03-16:

    • Added (now fixed) Magic Lamp double play bug that makes the game become stuck if you Crown/Counterfeit Magic Lamp and the Crown/Counterfeit was the 6th (or later) unique card.

  • 18-03-21:

    • Added (now fixed) Ironworks/Changeling autoplay bug where a useful option to exchange a treasure card just gained via Ironworks for Changeling is not given.


Modifications in May:

  • 18-05-01:

    • Added Reserve card late discard bug that may make reserve cards that are called into play on somebody else's turn discard to late.



Modifications in August:

  • 18-08-05:

    • Removed old and non-reproducable Inheritance/Fortress bug that hasn't been mentioned in a long time.
    • Added bug of incorrect interaction of Inheritance and Outpost (now fixed).


Modifications in October:

  • 18-10-13:

    • Added Herbalist + other Cleanup effects bug of the bot becomming stuck when they played Herblist and another effect that modifies Cleanup (Travellers, Walled Garden, Alchemist,...).


Modifications in November:

  • 18-11-07:

    • Added Renaissance (related) bugs on top of list, so players can see easily what's new.
  • 18-11-14:

    • Added Procession bug that makes it incorrectly staying out in rare cases with Duration cards.
  • 18-11-27:

    • Added Star Chart/Fleet bug to Renaissance bugs that denies a card selection while shuffling when Fleet turns follow.


Modifications in December:

  • 18-12-05:

    • Added (now fixed) bug that Band of Misfit/Overlord copying Lighthouse don't provide attack protection.
  • 18-12-09:

    • Added (now fixed) bug that Crown autoplay will not activate if other conditions are fullfilled but the player has Villagers.
  • 18-12-31:

    • Added (now fixed) bug that Urchin's self trashing effect and an Adventure token results in the token effect always happening first, even though it should be choice.


Modifications in Januar 2019:

  • 19-01-05:

    • Added Ritual/Inheritance/Quarry bug that gives the wrong number of VP tokens if an inherited Estate is trashed for Ritual while Quarry is in play.
  • 19-01-07:

    • Added Band of Misfits/Talisman/Innovation bug that gains the wrong card as the buy when you buy a (cost reduced) Band of Misfit and play the copy provided by Talisman immediately via Innovation.
  • 19-01-24:

    • Added Hamlet +Buy discard bug that allows a player to get +Buy when they had no card in hand to discard for +Buy.


Modifications in Febrary 2019:

  • 19-02-05:

    • Added (now fixed) Citadel + Crossroads/Outpost bug that gives the bonus for "first time played this turn" a second time when Citdal causes the second play.
  • 19-02-17:

    • Added (now fixed) Band of Misfits/Mining Village no self-trashing bug that, after a player copies Mining Village with Band of Misfits/Overlord, does not give the option to trash that card for $2.
  • 19-02-21:

    • Added Ducat/debt bug that forces a Ducat to be played from your hand if you repay debt.


Modifications in March 2019:

  • 19-03-10:

    • Added (now fixed) Hireling played at start of turn bug that does not immediately activate the "Draw 1 card" effect when played at start of turn via Ghost, etc.
  • 19-03-13:

    • Added spurious Vassal not playing card bug that sometimes does not allow a player to play an Action card discarded by Vassal.