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Author Topic: Known interface problems  (Read 742 times)

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Known interface problems
« on: 25 October 2017, 06:08:05 PM »
Just as with the known card bugs, I went backwards through this forum and list here the known interface bugs/problems. This is meant as a resource for players (I try to include workarounds and mitigations) as well as for the developers (when working on object X, what needs fixing).

Ingix (2017/11/17)

Missing information

Confusing interface
  • Hamlet:
    • Unclear consequences: The new interface for Hamlet since 1.3.6. does not make it clear that by choosing the "Discard for Buy" option first, one 'forfeits' the right to use "Discard for Action". The interface is 'symmetric' ("Discard for Action" and "Discard for Buy" seem equally valid choices), but the effects are not (the order (as indicated by card text) is first discard for Action, then discard for Buy).
      • Workaround: Remember to use the "Discard for Action" first if you intend to use it at all.
      • Possible solutions:
        • Prepend "1st" to "Discard for Actions" and "2nd" to "Discard for Buy" to hint at the order of execution.
        • Use "Discard for Buy only" when showing both buttons (keep "Discard for Buy" when showing the options after "Discard for Actions" has already been executed).
      • Forum thread: Hamlet not giving “both” discard options
      • present in 1.3.9
  • Plan your clean-up:
    • Order unclear: During cleanup, some effects (Scheme, Herbalist, Alchemist, Traveller exchange,...) need to be ordered. Since many of those effects deal with putting cards on top of a player's deck, the UI for that "Plan your clean-up"-box can be misleading (because the following isn't discoverable without trying): The effect that ends up on top of the list will be executed first, which means it will put a card in the lowest position on the deck among all cards that are put there at this time.
  • Royal Carriage/Coin of the Realm:
    • Missing context information: If you have a Royal Carriage or Coin of the Realm on the Tavern mat and play a Sauna-Avanto chain, at the end of the chain you will be presented in the log prompt with a list of "Call Royal Carriage/Coin of the Realm" options (one for each Sauna/Avanto that you played). This list has no context information, which means you don't know if clicking a given option for Royal Carriage will replay a Sauna or an Avanto. The problem is not that important for Coin of the Realm, as its effect doesn't depend on the card.
      • Workaround: None
      • Forum thread: Sauna-Avanto with Royal Carriage
      • present in 1.3.8: You have 2 Royal Carriages on the Tavern mat. Play an Avanto-Sauna-Avanto chain, then guess what the 6 identical promts to call a Royal Carriage all mean.
  • Debt cards in reveal window:
    • Confusing information: Debt cards with no coin cost are shown in a reveal window (Black Market, Sentry, Lookout,...) with a cost of 0 coins plus the debt cost.
      • Workaround: None, but it seems to be of no consequence.
      • Source: Limetime on discord
      • present in 1.3.9
  • Fortune:
    • Incorrect information: If the Gladiator/Fortune pile is emtpy, the pile is shown as an empty Action pile with the incorrect cost of 3 coin, 8 debt.
  • Black Market:
    • UI different from similar case: Buying cards from Black Market uses an interface that is partly opposite to the one that is used for buying cards during the buy phase. Instead of the button to autoplay treasure cards, at the same position is a button that stops playing treasures.
  • Cards visible in opponent's hand:
    • Inconsistent information: Some effects that reveal cards in hand to all players have those cards stay revealed in the revealing player's hand after the effect. However, this is applied inconsistently (works for some effects but not for others) and can obscure the number of cards in a player's hand. The developer explained that the game client knows about cards going from public zones to a hand, but doesn't take into account cards that are actually revealed from a hand.
  • Tower points in end-of-game screen:
    • Inconsistent information: Sometimes the points from Tower are not listed correctly in the detailed points list (they are taken into account in the overall result score). This might be related to non-standard piles (piles that contain different cards) being emptied under Tower.
      • Workaround: None.
      • Forum thread: Tower points not visible on endscreen
      • present in #8416663, load as pan23d, use "Salt the Earth" on the last Province. The end-of-game screen has no Tower points listed for pan23d for the Encampment/Plunder pile. Please notify me (via PM or forum post) if you encounter this bug. I haven't been able to reproduce this bug in 1.3.4.
    • Inconsistent information: If a split pile becomes empty, the tower details list all the cards from that pile as the top card.
  • Big, non-stacking reveal windows:
    • Potentially hard-to-use interface: If an effects shows your discard pile to pick one (or more) card from it, the reveal window can get hard-to-use (for selection) if there are a large amount of cards present. If those cards could be stacked (show each differnt card only once, plus the red/white counter indicating how many there are), this could lead to a list of cards that's easier to manage and select from.
      • Mitigation: You can right-click on a card that you assume is the one you want to select. This will show the card big in the center, allowing you to check if you guessed correctly.
      • Forum thread: Sizing Issue for "Look through discard pile"
      • present in 1.3.9
  • Ghost Ship/Haunted Castle topdeck order:
    • Inconsistent interface: If you are attacked by a Ghost ship or an opponent gained a Haunted Castle on his turn, you are asked to select the cards in your hand that are to be topdecked. It isn't clear in what order those cards are topdecked. It has been suggested that the usual card order window should be used here.
      • Mitigation: The cards are topdecked in the order you click them, with the first clicked card going on the (current) top of the deck, the next clicked card going on top of it, etc. This means that in the end, the first clicked card ends up the lowest of all topdecked cards, while the last clicked one will be the top of the deck once the effect ends.
      • Forum threads: Ghost Ship Top Deck Ordering, Top Decking Ghost Ship Order
      • present in 1.3.9
  • Enchantress 'pig picture' effect:
    • Incorrect information: If the effect of opponent's Enchantress affects an Action card, the picture of that card is replaced with a pig in play, to make that effect clear. In some cases this pig picture is shown on a card in hand later in a turn that was affected by Enchantress but where the 'enchanted' card has already been played.
      A sequence of events that leads to this effect is as follows:
      • Opponent has played an Enchantress that affects you.
      • With a start-of-turn effect you draw an Action card A1 you already have a copy of in hand.
      • You play a different Action card A2 as the one affected by opponent's Enchantress.
      In this scenario, if you can play all copies of A1 in your hand, the last remaining one will show the pig picture in hand.
      • Mitigation: If an Enchantress effect affects you, all the Actions cards in your hand should show the pig picture. If only one card does (and others do not), the card will work normally.
      • Forum thread: My emporium keeps the pig art for some reason
      • present in 1.3.9: #8767576 as Accatitippi, see screenshot in above thread, undo to the end of Crisscross' turn 14 and replay the game from there to see the effect. #10099386 as Ingix: Undo to the end of opponent's turn 11 (the following does not work if you undo to the first Action of Ingix in turn 12). You start your turn with 2 Patricians and a Market Square in hand, but draw another Market Square from your previous' turn Enchantress. The top Patrician and Market Square in your hand show a pig picture (correct). If the first Action you play (under Enchantress) is a Market Square, no matter how you play the 3 other Action cards, none will again show the pig picture (correct). If you however play a Patrician, if you play the top Market Square later that turn, the last Market Square under it will show a pig picture (incorrect).
  • Leaderbord detail data:
    • Incorrect information: The Leaderboard tab shows both the leaderboard containing many players (player names with rank and rating) as well as detailed data (μ, φ, σ and game count) for one player (usually the player who is looking at the tab). When switching between the "2 Players" and "3-4 Players" leaderboards, the actual leaderboard adjusts correctly, but the detail data stays the same (still showing the 2 player detail data when watching the 3-4 player leaderboard, for example).
      • Mitigation: You have to click on your name in the leaderboard to update the detail data. You can also click on any other player's name to see their detailed data.
      • Forum thread: 3 people joined my 2-player table after a game
      • present in 1.3.4
  • Negative card counts:
    • Incorrect information: In certain rare and hard to reproduce scenarios the game may display a negative number as the card count in some pile. It may also list such a number in the end-of-game screen, potentially affecting some land landmarks.
  • Boon window for Druid:
    • Moving/vanishing interface: Right-clicking on Druid shows the card itself and the 3 Boons associated with it in the current game. The window with the Boons can jump to a higher position on screen when the opponent plays in their turn. It can also vanish when the opponent plays a Sentry (maybe other cards as well).
      • Mitigation: Clicking inside the Boon reveal window makes it jump