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We will try to keep this thread updated with all the changes.

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Another release at the end of (our) day.

The old environment is also still up, and you can finish your games on that one.
Once you reload the page you will be connected to the new release.

A lot of small fixes, and the most notable one is that the "auto-buy" feature is now by default gone.
If you liked it, go to user preferences to re-enable it.


A new release today. If you're still on the old release, reload your page.
(We try to leave the old one up for another 24 hours so people can finish their games).

Some bugfixes and in-game improvements but the main focus has been the redesign of the lobby.
It should be a lot easier to find the games you want to find now. You can manage your own friends, there is an automatcher (although everyone's rating is fixed at 50) and there is a tab 'familiar cards'.

If you want to play with everything make sure to visit the 'familiar cards' tab, because the default rules will generate you kingdoms with at most 2 unfamiliar cards.


We are a bit suspicious of the 'familiar cards' tab. If it has long loading times for you, could you please let us know?


Another release with fixes for...

- kingdom selector
- table list now gets cleaned up
- 10 cards from base set are always familiar
- selecting first player


Just did a new release. Most notable differences:

* We started working on undo settings.
  - on some future day there will be 5 settings: NEVER, ASK, ALWAYS, ONLY_WITHOUT_NEW_INFO, ASK_WITH_NEW_INFO
  - in todays release, all games are with the setting "ASK"
  - in tomorrows release you will be able to choose between "NEVER", "ASK" and "ALWAYS"
* You can now timeout. If you wait for 5 minutes, opponents get the option to resign you.


Version 1.0.4

  • When you're already logged in and try to log in again, the old session is automatically kicked.
  • Long-press on tablets enlarges any card for closer study.
  • Drag and drop reordering has been implemented for touch devices.
  • Separate error messages for "Illegal username" and "Illegal password".
  • Golem into Sentry no longer freezes.


Version 1.0.5

  • "Good Match" will no longer accept people whose familiar cards settings are very restrictive compared to yours.
  • Colony/Shelters choices from kingdom selector weren't always used.
  • Reconnecting to a game now has an option to cancel the reconnect (this means you no longer need "Kick & Resign")
  • Selecting/deselecting expansions in the kingdom selector fixed.
  • Trader with an empty hand no longer freezes the game


Version 1.0.6

  • Spectator join/leave messages are now hidden from players when they can't see spectator chat.
  • Fixed a regression that caused the undo bullets in the log to not work.
  • The Kick & Resign option has been removed from the login page.
  • Attempting to log in with a non-existent username no longer leaves you at the endlessly spinning castle.
  • In the clean-up planner, clicking an already selected option will no longer toggle the selection.


Version 1.0.7.x

  • Choosing only expansions you're unfamiliar with no longer generates an empty kingdom.
  • Undoing or reconnecting to a Black Market/Sentry reveal now shows the cards.
  • Block new undo attempts when a granted undo request is being processed.


Version 1.0.8.x

  • Ghost tables busted.
  • Empty piles can now be named after undo/reconnect.
  • New default rule that always allows friends of table host to become players (even if rating would suggest otherwise).
  • Most of the [Object object] nonsense at the table rules display should be gone.
  • Kick & Resign is back by popular demand.


Version 1.0.9 (sorry for posting these late)

Fixes for several gamelog issues:

  • Farmland asks you to gain a card costing "Argument0".
  • Workshop tells you that you may gain even though it's compulsory.
  • "GAIN_BY_NAME" shows in log when choosing when to gain Curse for Swamp Hag or a Gold for Hoard.
  • Wine Merchant brings up "You END_OF_BUY_PHASE and..."
  • Endgame tally of VP is wrong for variable VP cards.
  • Name abbreviations are wrong when one player name is an initial part of the other.


Version 1.0.10

  • Added Russian language support.
  • All connections now go via port 443, which should help with firewall and proxy issues.
  • Fixed the supply sometimes getting stuck after a settings change.


Version 1.0.11.x

Shelter selection
  bug occurred when changing Shelter type from Yes/No to Random in "Select Kingdom Cards". After change and go back to game, it would behave as if it didn't change.

Shelter/Conoly selection visibility
  Now it shows the colonies and shelter rules set by table owner to other players at the table.

(Dis)allowing spectators
  Fixed the bug when changing the table rule "Allow spectators". It wouldn't set it correctly. Now it should work and show the value to opponent.

View Trash
  button added above log for visual representation, remove trash string from gamelog.

  Various corrections and improvements.

Version error messages
  Return to login screen after version error.


Version 1.1.0
new feature: load old game. More about this feature here.

new button: add bot
Bots are no longer automatically added to tables. It caused too many misclicks/confusion.

card fixes:

  • BoM/overlord now copies name and types correctly
  • if BoM/overlord is already not-in-play, it allows you to play it as a card without becoming that card
  • mining village when already trashed no longer freezes
  • engineer when already trashed no longer asks
  • vault on empty hand
  • golem into envoy+something, choose envoy first (used to freeze game)
  • mystic shuffle/guess order
  • taxman gain/discard order
  • inn on-gain decisions when not gained by active player
  • conspirator used to count opponents caravan guard
(this should fix all known BoM/overlord issues, except for Overlord-as-BoM, which is still bugged)

interface fixes:

  • Added text input field to name any card.
  • Fixed a race condition that caused the endgame screen to sometimes not load and the /bg chat command to sometimes not work.
  • Update trash view when its content changes while it's open.
  • First player table rule is replaced by player order.
  • Show backs on opponent's Native Village mat.
  • Hide trash when viewing player zones.
  • Private reveal windows during opponent turns now show card backs.
  • Show advanced table options after rule change when host returns from switching tabs.
  • Kick options are now always visible on the login page.
  • Max event/landmark table rule adapts itself to the required cards.
  • Setting min events/landmarks greater than max automatically adjusts the max.
  • Small fixes to Russian.
  • Small fixes to card texts.

kingdom generator fix:
The kingdom generator used to pick a random number between MIN_LANDMARKS_OR_EVENTS and MAX_LANDMARKS_OR_EVENTS, and then try to generate a kingdom accordingly. This was mostly bad for people owning only base set + Summon, which appeared much more frequent then it should.
Now changed to the default dominion rules (shuffle all the randomizer cards), but if MAX_LANDMARKS_OR_EVENTS is reached skip further landmarks and events, and if the process ends with less then MIN_LANDMARKS_OR_EVENTS it will add some more.


Version 1.1.1

most new things are around Band of Misfits and Overlord
they should now rename correctly in play while keeping their image, also after undo/reconnect.

card fixes:

  • ironmonger now uses reveal zone
  • charm gain is now optional
interface fixes:

  • events/landmarks are removed from the name a card list
  • player ordering fixed when not enough players
reload game fixes:

  • you can reload some games that gave 'internal error'
  • reloading with decision 0 should get you to the start of the game, and the last decision is the one before the end
kingdom generator fixes:

  • selecting 10 kingdom cards and some events/landmarks should work again
  • selecting bane, then removing young witch no longer gives you an 11 card kingdom