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Announcements / Re: Releases
06 December 2023, 02:17:58 PM

Fixing a recent bug with Reckless/Tireless on a Duration pile (or mouse-Duration) where Reckless would not return the card to its pile.
Announcements / Re: Releases
30 November 2023, 01:48:44 PM

Extra Turn rewordings
This is a text written by Donald X. about it:

I'm changing 6 of the extra turn cards - but not Seize the Day or Fleet - to just rule out three turns in a row completely. This is apropos of a reprint of Allies, which will also tweak the wording of Elder slightly for clarity. So here are all those texts. These changes can go public whenever; we don't need to tie it to the Allies reprint. Functionally they just lock out three turns in a row from happening, even with multiple kinds of extra-turn things; except, Seize the Day and Fleet aren't changed and could result in a one-time 3rd turn.

Elder: Action - Townsfolk, $5
You may play an Action card from your hand. When it gives you a choice of abilities (with "choose") this turn, you may choose an extra (different) option.

Outpost: Action - Duration, $5
You only draw 3 cards for your next hand. Take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row).

Possession: Action, $6P
The player to your left takes an extra turn after this one (but not a 2nd extra turn in a row), in which you can see all cards they can and make all decisions for them. Any cards or D they would gain on that turn, you gain instead; any cards of theirs that are trashed are set aside and put in their discard pile at end of turn.

Mission: Event, $4
Take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row), during which you can't buy cards. (You can still buy Events.)

Voyage: Action - Duration - Odyssey, $4
+1 Action
Take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row), during which you can only play 3 cards from your hand.

Island Folk: Ally
At the end of your turn, you may spend 5 Favors to take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row).

Journey: Event, $4
You don't discard cards from play in Clean-up this turn. Take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row).

Reworking cleanup
I've rewritten most of the cleanup code, fixing some more or less obscure bugs along the way.

* Alchemist could be topdecked when played with e.g. Way of the Pig.
* Merchant Camp could be topdecked when it wouldn't be discarded

prepare & Prince

Prepare playing a Treasure last could clash with other start-of-turn effects, trying and failing to merge the log lines and actually getting the game stuck as a result.
Announcements / Re: Releases
20 November 2023, 01:48:48 PM

* fixing, Travellers would sometimes not upgrade
* changed the way Exorcist and Tournament reveal the spirits/prizes, which should make the animations for opponents/specs faster
Announcements / Re: Releases
20 November 2023, 10:21:06 AM

* Berserker now checks on resolution if there is an action in play, instead of on gain.
  For example if you buy a Berserker with no actions in play but a Duplicate on the tavern mat, calling the Duplicate will now result in both Berserkers being played.
* Spell Scroll no longer gets stuck if nothing is cheaper
* Cards revealed by tournament no longer are "temporarily in deck", thus messing with the point counter
* Wheelwrights gain is mandatory (there is still a choice on the discarding)
* Crop rotation will no longer pop up if you have no victory cards in hand
* Scepter checks the player of the played cards. (It used to allow you to replay cards that your opponent played on your turn)
* Horn & travellers no longer create double abilities when you go back and forth between phases. With cards like Villa and Cavalry a Peasant annoyingly resulted in a duplicated button, the Horn allowed you to topdeck multiple Border Guards.
* Butterfly autoplay will no longer get you stuck.
Card Bugs / Re: Alchemist + Way
08 September 2023, 06:20:47 PM
yes, you're correct
Announcements / Re: Releases
07 September 2023, 02:07:03 PM

- added autoplay for Shield (shared setting with Moat)
- Treasurys ability isn't needlessly duplicated anymore
- Cauldron checks the player gaining the actions
- Library removes the -1 card token
Announcements / Re: Releases
07 September 2023, 10:01:14 AM

fix Enchantress bug where an action played in some alternative way (like using a Way) wouldn't cancel the Enchantress effect for future action plays
Announcements / Re: Releases
29 July 2023, 07:34:46 PM
Sorry I haven't posted here in a while. I'll try to keep this post more up to date with changes.
This version replaces Harem with Farm. It's the same card, but a new name and a new image.
This version enables the longer subscriptions in the store again. 18 months and 2 years were unavailable for a while.
A new contract with RGG games enables this.
Announcements / Re: Releases
05 March 2023, 08:54:42 PM
Sorry about missing some release notes here
Some card bugs fixed:
- Way of the Frog doesn't teleport cards unexpectedly (e.g. with Necromancer, cards will stay in the trash)
- Flagship will no longer stay out forever when used on an card affected by Enchantress
- Several bugged interactions between Reckless, Highwayman, Enchantress and Way of the Chameleon are fixed.
- Some bugged interactions with Reckless (e.g. with Reckless attacks, the "extra" instructions could not be reacted to by Moat) have been fixed.
Some visual fixes:
- Fixed cards sometimes disappearing after an undo
- Dividing line on card uses same color as text (change for Night cards)
Announcements / Re: Releases
15 July 2022, 09:22:42 PM

3 errata for cards that got errata'd very recently: Donate, Basilica & Colonnade

Donate now triggers at the start of your next turn, the Landmarks can only get you points in your buy phase
AI bugs / Re: Card numbers do not update.
14 July 2022, 04:11:25 PM
Could you try playing a game on the next version now and let me know if that helped anything?

It's called and is available now on
Announcements / Re: Releases
14 July 2022, 02:09:26 PM


  • Drawing, getting coins/actions/buys, trashing, playing cards, and gaining cards at the start of turns should now have the cause logged (e.g. +1 Coin (Fishing Village))
  • Chat should be synchronized between the game screen and the lobby screen. This means if players or spectators hit "end game", they can still chat with those who haven't.
  • Having premoves turned on should no longer cause inadvertent double-clicks on mobile.
Kingdom generation

  • Liaisons were previously being generated at a slightly lower frequency than other kingdom cards. This was because if there was no space to fit an ally in the kingdom, a liaison would not be allowed to be added. The kingdom generation algorithm has been tweaked so that liaisons will now be generated at the same frequency as other cards.
  • As a consequence, automatch games can now have up to 2 normal landscapes (Events, Landmarks, Projects, Ways) along with an ally.
  • The maximum number of landscapes in a kingdom will also vary depending on complexity level. Below level 10, a maximum of 2 landscapes (Events, Landmarks, Projects, Ways, and Allies) can be present, and below level 8, a maximum of 1 landscape can be present.
  • Druid boons, and the obelisk pile, can now be specified in kingdom construction, and will also be copied by the "replay previous kingdom" button in the kingdom card selector. You may specify any number of Druid boons. The obelisk pile may be specified to be any possible action supply pile, but if that pile doesn't actually end up as part of the kingdom, it will be selected randomly as if it were unspecified.
  • The syntax for the kingdom card selector has been slightly changed, to accomodate these additional specifications. As before, you may enter multiple queries separated by commas to enter multiple cards at once. In addition:

    • To add Young Witch, in addition to the Bane, you can enter "Young Witch: ", followed by the bane. As an example, "Young Witch: Menagerie". Way of the Mouse and Obelisk behave similarly.
    • To specify Druid boons, type in the Boons you want immediately after Druid, parenthesized. For example, "Druid (The Flame's Gift) (The Wind's Gift)".
    • These rules work in combination. For example, you could do "Young Witch: Druid (The Flame's Gift)".
    • To specify whether Colonies, type in "Colonies" or "No Colonies". The same works with Shelters.
    • These rules are language-sensitive, so a Japanese player would type in something like "ドルイド (田畑の恵み) (炎の恵み), 植民地場, オベリスク: ドルイド", for example.
    • If you don't type in the card name exactly, the system will try to search for a card that matches what you typed (as if you're searching for a card normally), so something like "yw: drui (flame)" will work just as well.
    • We're working with DomBot and other app developers to be able to output generated kingdoms in this syntax as well, so it'll be easier to copy-and-paste them into the Dominion Online client.
Individual card-related bugfixes

  • Blockade will no longer crash the game when used on a ruin (which was occurring some times).
  • Crop Rotation is now counted as a non-mandatory effect, so you can just skip past it if you don't intend to use it.
  • Emissary should now correctly give the action and favors with the -1 Card token.
  • Fleet's turn order in multiplayer games should now be correct.
  • Prince, when played at the start of one's turn (like through Delay, Ghost, or Summon as examples), will now correctly allow one to play the set-aside card immediately.
  • Sauna and Avanto will now correctly allow Royal Carriage to be called on either card when used in a chain.
  • After using Snowy Village and running out of actions, players will no longer be able to use Villagers to play actions when they have Coins of the Realm on their Tavern mat.
  • Way of the Mouse will now allow Blacksmith (and other cards part of split piles) to be specified as the card set aside.
  • Oracle will allow the player to reorder any topdecked cards if used with Way of the Chameleon (where it could matter).
Various small fixes

  • The central game buttons will now preserve their order when wrapping into multiple rows, instead of reversing as they had been. This mostly affects squarer aspect ratios.
  • Astrolabe (and other duration treasures, like Merchant Ship under Capitalism) are now slightly more orange.
  • Tracker, Teacher, and Secret Cave were missing frames when under Capitalism. These have been added.
Announcements / Re: Releases
07 July 2022, 05:19:40 PM

Reconnecting to games will once again show your opponents name(s).
Announcements / Re: Releases
06 July 2022, 10:59:07 PM

It was impossible to reconnect in
Now you can reconnect again, although your client won't know your opponents name.
Will get that fixed tomorrow.
Announcements / Re: Releases
06 July 2022, 07:08:39 PM

fix: it was impossible to change your autoplay settings during a game